A smart system landscape is the foundation of the digital thread

Smart systems makes Väderstad to last

A smart system landscape is the foundation of the digital thread. Data governance and traceability enables machine producer Väderstad to drive down costs, accelerate time to market, and deliver the highest levels of quality and compliance.

For most manufacturing organizations, the product lifecycle management solution is central. It enables geographically dispersed, multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate strategically with partners and customers. Swedish world leading farmer equipment provider Väderstad is no exception.

“The PLM solution seamlessly integrates with many other systems and technologies. These other systems can make use of the product data in the PLM system. This way we avoid double work. For us, the biggest benefits of digitalization are product data quality and structure. It is also part of the insurance policy; all information in one place, trusted and up-to-date”, says Anders Karlsson, Vice President IT at Väderstad.

To provide modern agriculture with highly efficient machines and methods, Väderstad continuously evolves.

To support this journey, Väderstad have together with PDSVISION through a digitalized PLM platform secured:

  • Reduced cost related to quality.
  • Increased engineering productivity.
  • Increased revenue supported by an aftermarket platform allowing increased sales of spare and wear parts.
  • Reduced lead times in product development.


Avoid costly mistakes

”Make it to last” was an expression coined by Väderstad founder Rune Stark. It is something Väderstad adheres strictly to through state-of-the-art product and systems development and the extensive testing of machines and components.

Väderstad uses PTC Windchill as a product lifecycle and data management platform. With an integrated system landscape where data is flowing without manual interference, Väderstad is continuing to eliminate risks connected to quality and their brand.

So, the importance of data quality is monumental. Väderstad has taken several steps, including improving and integrating the system landscape, to eliminate any potential bad data.

We are well aware of the cost bad data can have. Bad data generates errors that cause mistakes with customers. It also requires that skilled personnel must in-vest time in correcting it. And time is money.

Vice President IT at Väderstad

Anders Karlsson


CAD with many functions

One central part of Väderstad ́s PLM system is the use of computer-aided design, CAD. This tool enables digitally 2D drawings and 3D models of their farming products —before they are manufactured. With 3D CAD Väderstad can share, review, simulate, and modify designs easily, allowing them to innovate and develop differentiated products.

“We not only use CAD models as a basis for manufacturing. They also allow us to calculate and visualize our products and accurately program our robots within for example welding and coating”, says Anders Karlsson.

The use of the 3D models reaches even further. “Sales and marketing also make great use of these models”, Anders continues.

An integrated aftermarket solution

With Signifikant as the administration tool, Väderstad has incorporated the aftermarket by creating a parts catalogue that make information easily accessible for their customers. It allows for a simple and effective order management.

Customers, partners, customer support and service all make use of this aftermarket system. Connected to the aftermarket, they also use the Engineering Bill of Material (eBOM) to create a Service Bill of Material (sBOM).

Previously, Väderstad could update and publish spare parts information only three times a year. Now, with support of the integrated product lifecycle management platform, the information is updated once a week. It keeps the parts catalogue current and up to date.

We are now simplifying life for resellers and end-users when it comes to acquiring spare and wear parts. With just a few clicks, they can locate, and order needed parts. For us, it is important to secure that third party spare and wear parts do not enter the product, eroding both quality and brand reputation.

Configuration & Pricing Manager at Väderstad

Håkan Jonsson

The use of an effective parts catalogue as part of the aftermarket solution has not only helped to secure the quality and brand. It has also generated a new stream of revenue that previously ended up with other competing organizations.

Results and added value

Productive, effective, and smart

With an integrated system covering design, development, and aftermarket, Väderstad can manage the complexity in product development as well as challenging situations that arise with agility and speed.

“In this way, we secure that our customers stay productive, effective and smart”, Anders Karlsson says.

This is the same role as PDSVISION plays for Väderstad.

PDSVISION is a core part of the puzzle in securing that our staff are effective and productive. By implementing the systems PDSVISION provides, we develop our processes, methods, and know-how.

Vice President IT at Väderstad

Anders Karlsson

This is in turn shortening Väderstad’s lead times on customer equipment. That is a very important success factor, Håkan Jonsson points out.

“It is crucial for farmers to have access to the best equipment when they actually need it.”

The level of engagement, knowledge and professionalism that is carried out within the walls of this organization is hard to match. With the setup of an integrated CAD, PLM, and aftermarket solution, Väderstad continues to live by their motto – ”Make it to last”.


Väderstad develop and manufacture agricultural machines and methods. Their driving ambition is to develop machines that carry out several tasks, at a high work rate, in a single pass.

The company HQ is in the Swedish village of Väderstad, 240 km southwest of
Stockholm, with manufacturing locations in Sweden, Canada, and USA.

More than 47 sales organizations distributed around the globe.

Employs 1 800 people worldwide.


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