Mastering a heterogeneous CAD and PLM landscape


HellermannTyton works with multiple CAD systems and needed to take control over their data across all departments.

  • Agile data flood from heterogeneous CAD and PLM landscapes
  • Global product development at 11 locations
  • Shorter project cycles

We have been working successfully with PTC and PDSVISION for over 20 years, and we particularly like the fact that we have a long-term relationship.

Head of Product Development

Hagen Spieß


The diverse customer base results in the great challenge of a heterogeneous CAD and PLM landscape. In order to manage this agile flood of data, HellermannTyton brings together data from all third-party CAD and third-party PLM systems in a central PLM system in PTC Windchill. The whole thing happens on a global level, across locations and departments, with the easiest access to data that is always up-to-date.

This PLM system makes it possible to meet the increasing demands of customers in terms of price reduction, quality and performance improvement on a daily basis. For standardized products and in the manufacture of customized injection-molded plastic parts, HellermannTyton makes the product development process from the initial idea to the finished product available worldwide and across all locations, while at the same time shortening project times.

About HellermannTyton

HellermannTyton is a leading manufacturer and supplier of products for bundling, fixing, processing, connecting, insulating, protecting and marking cables, wires and data network infrastructure. It also designs and manufactures injection molded plastic parts for customer-specific industrial applications. HellermannTyton’s mission is to develop real solutions around all cable management requirements. On this basis, the portfolio has now grown to over 75,000 items. Production is located at 15 sites and product development at 11 sites. More than 5,000 employees work for HellermannTyton in 38 countries.



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HellermannTyton Customer Story
HellermannTyton Customer Story

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