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Introduction interface for SAP & Windchill


Hilite International had different challenges:

  • Data management was carried out in separate worlds (PLM and in the ERP system QAD)
  • Error-proneness
  • Redundancy
  • Loss of time
  • The search for articles was made difficult by a lack of clear classification and naming


Hilite developed an interface concept with the myPDS Connector for ERP and PLM. In addition, a PLM system including an interface for SAP & Windchill was introduced. A successful data migration of inventory data took place and there are clear classification characteristics of the material masters. Input checks avoid duplicates, errors and rework. The myPDS Power Pack has improved BOM creation and material and document creation. In addition, global access to data is now possible, leading to more efficient development.

The introduction of the PLM system including the interface to the ERP system eliminates the need for manual data maintenance in SAP. Immediately after release in Windchill, the data is available in SAP, this applies to both individual parts and parts lists. The creation of parts lists, material and documents with the myPDS Power Pack ensures the convenient creation of consistent data. Classification makes the parts unique and allows searching for these characteristics in both SAP and Windchill. The very tight project schedule could be implemented on time on a global level thanks to the good cooperation and expertise of the [PDSVISION] staff.

Senior Manager Prototype Engineering

Michael Müller

About Hilite International

The company focuses on the development and production of components and systems to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust gases from combustion engines as well as on future technologies such as e-mobility and thermal management.


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