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Product Development – Key to the Customer in the center

JBT has together with PDSVISION

  • Reduced costs and lead times in product development
  • Improved product quality through, among other things, improved data quality and correct data flows
  • Increased engineering productivity by optimizing tools and processes

JBT have successfully achieved these values by implementing a scalable and modern system of support, combined with the right type of cooperation and skilled personnel. This ensures JBT customers have the best in class and most efficient products on the market today.

The success story that started with scale insects

The story of JBT started in 1884 when John Bean invented a spray pump to fight scale insects that had invaded his almond plantations. Twenty years later, his son-in-law took over the business and began manufacturing the pumps on an ever-larger scale. Today, more than 130 years later, JBT’s successes goes far beyond fighting pests.

JBT FoodTech systems

  • sterilizes more than 50% of all of the world’s tinned foods
  • freezes more than 50% of all of the world’s frozen products

What have you had to eat and drink today? The chances are that technology from JBT played a crucial role in the production of the products.

Research and development at the highest

Developing new products to advance development has always been a key factor in JBT’s successes. In 1960, a revolutionary solution was found to freeze vegetables individually, a solution that is still used in the market today even if it has of course been developed over time. The main product at present is a spiral freezer with a unique solution that attains the highest possible hygiene standards – while being developed to be as eco-friendly as possible.

In a company that always wants to develop its products according to customer needs, high expectations are placed on research and development, and JBT leaves nothing to chance. With the goal of being the leading supplier in the market for food technology products, it is necessary for the research and development organization within the company to perform at the highest level.

Joint efforts

With any structured organization, teamwork is always an essential component in the development of new products. Large parts of the company need to work together to be able to take advantage of both technical challenges along with factoring in the existing market and the end customers own knowledge. Therefore, JBT ensure that any new product is launched in full partnership with all parties, including valuable customers.

JBT has its Head Office located in Helsingborg, with around 250 dedicated employees involved in the continuous process of product development, creating a huge pool of talent that can utilized to draw knowledge and experience from. It’s a real “think tank” to be taken seriously!

The outside world has an impact

Regardless of any companies levels of commitment and professionalism there will always be factors beyond its control. Everything from macroeconomics to local challenges can present situations that require a consistent ability to adapt and flex universally as one.

JBT is no exception.

Longterm cooperation with the correct stakeholders that generates meaningful exchange, professional project management, and joint commitment is the key in order to become successful. These values are also key to JBT’s short term survival when the outside world experiences uncertain times that effect all sectors of industry and life. As one of the key players in this relationship, PDSVISION provides experienced based knowledge. This ensures it plays an essential part in helping JBT’s personnel to continue to work efficiently and productively, to the same standard as JBT themselves strives to do for its own customers. Together, in partnership – JBT and PDSVISION are therefore the perfect match.

What PDSVISION sees at JBT and other world leading enterprises we work with are a mindset of openness to possibilities. In the case of JBT they do see opportunities in technology and they have an interest, will and ambition to make use of it to create competitive advantages..

Product Development Expert at PDSVISION

Karl Wennerholm

Get it right from the start

Validation and verification as early as possible in the process is an important success factor for JBT. By quickly validating and verifying, they can ensure that the focus is on what is most valuable and relevant for their customers. In this way, JBT avoids situations where errors and mistakes that need correction are discovered late in the process – which is both costly and can negatively affect both quality and the company’s trademark.

JBT experienced a need to get to grips with both its lead times and data quality. The lead time is not only the time it takes to go from order to a delivery from the factory, but also the time it takes to assemble the equipment on-site with the customer. Short lead times are a key factor.

Integrated system landscape

The importance of the right data cannot be overemphasized and JBT is well aware of the high costs data errors can result in. Data errors leads to skilled personnel at JBT having to spend time correcting mistakes late in the delivery phase, which can also cause problems for customers.

With this in mind, several measures have been taken by JBT to eliminate data error. In collaboration with PDSVISION, the system landscape has been improved and integrated. With the help of an integrated system landscape where data can do its job without interference from the human factor, JBT can continue to be fully focused on its customers.

JBT thus ensures its customers’ productivity and efficiency – quickly and smoothly!

Together, JBT and PDSVISION have:

  • shortened the design time for customized equipment by 50% in all, where the use of both CAD and PLM are central components.
  • reduced order-related engineering work from 100 to 40 hours on what are considered standard orders.

JBT at PDSFORUM – The Journey from Old to New

Taking the step from an old AS/400 system with very little integration to PDM to a full PLM system with parts, configurations, and change management. Not an easy task but a vital stepping stone for future development and a full digital thread, from sales to customer care.

At JBT, implementation of configuration was a critical step as we produce 200 customer-specific machines per year. Future steps would include a CPQ (configure, price, quote) tool that feeds information into the system. Including electrical and automation in the digital thread with integration to E-Plan and Siemens TIA Portal. Connecting multiple manufacturing sites around the world for one true source of information. Digital twin with a maintained configuration of the equipment and tie it together with IoT solutions.

Want to know more?

If you are curious to know more about JBT and their digital transformation journey or how we can be of assistance to you – contact us and take the next step towards digital transformation!

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About JBT FoodTech

What standards do most organizations need to have in place to become a leading player within their market sector? For JBT, these standards are commitment, cooperation, credibility and of course always putting the customer first. This recipe for success has made JBT one of the leading players in the food industry for over 100 years and they are today at the cutting edge of global development of customized industrial solutions and food processing services.

If JBT is to remain the best in the world at what they do, they also need to cooperate with other businesses that have the same goal. Cooperation with PDSVISION has resulted in JBT being able to reduce design time by about 50% on customized equipment.


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