Digital Transformation with ThingWorx

ThingWorx – Build smart connected products and systems

ThingWorx is the first platform designed to build and run the applications of the connected world. ThingWorx reduces the time, cost, and risk required to build innovative applications for smart connected products.

This IoT platform includes connectivity, device clouds, business logic, big data, analytics and remote service applications. The combination provides a comprehensive IoT technology framework that allows companies to securely connect assets, build applications quickly, and find innovative ways to create new value.

The ThingWorx Platform provides a complete application design, runtime, and intelligence environment with the following features:

  • Modern and Complete Platform
  • Deploy 10X Faster with Model-based Development
  • Mashup People, Systems and Machines
  • Deploy How You Like
  • Evolve & Grow Your Application Over Time

IIoT Capabilities with ThingWorx


Connect more easily using ThingWorx or Industrial Connectivity.


Powerful development tools empower your innovators, experienced or inexperienced, to deliver quality results


ThingWorx Analytics automates your IoT data, real-time anomaly detection, simulation, and predictive analytics processes.


Connected devices, processes and systems.


Augmented Reality by Vuforia and digital interfaces helps your end users to better understand their “Things”.

IoT for engineering, manufacturing and service

Digital Performance Management

Gaining insight into key initiatives that remove production constraints can be challenging. Data is spread across systems and bottleneck reporting is manual, late, and error-prone. Digital Performance Management, also known as DPM, with ThingWorx IIoT-platform delivers the insight you need to make digital transformation possible.

It provides real-time, closed-loop problem-solving which empowers your team with timely insights about bottlenecks, root causes, and the improvements that your initiatives actually deliver.

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Lower service costs through condition monitoring & real-time data insights

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