Powerful tools to monitor your assets

Simple management for connected things

With the features for IoT applications from ThingWorx Utilities, users have the possibility to easily manage the performance of connected products.

Innovative IoT developers are already creating the connected things and IoT applications for our smart and networked world. However, there is still day-to-day business where analysts need to define, monitor, manage, and optimize performance. Developers, in turn, need tools to customize IoT apps; this is the only way to do justice to the ideas of your company. These tools must be so easy to use that employees without developer skills can work with them.

On the one hand, you can use ThingWorx Utilities to create so-called mashups yourself by building your own apps using ready-made functions. On the other hand, the utilities offer you ready-made apps that are ready to use and can be adapted.

  • Define: Identify the needs of IoT initiatives and learn how to build IoT apps to meet the appropriate requirements.
  • Monitor connected devices: remote access, interaction and control
  • Manage: Create, edit and run business processes associated with IoT apps.
  • Streamline: Integrate IoT apps and information with existing systems.

IoT capabilities of ThingWorx Utilities

Define, monitor, manage and ultimately optimize the performance of connected products. ThingWorx Utilities gives you all the functionality you need.

IoT device management features:

  • Predefined, out-of-the-box functions to optimize and manage the performance of your connected products and applications
  • Monitor and keep connected products and applications up to date

Workflow in the IoT process:

  • An environment (also) for non-developers who need to create, edit and manage business processes related to connected devices
  • Processes can be run across systems using alerts and triggers


  • Connects business processes and people to systems to maintain a common and consistent level of information across the organization
  • Standardized framework to implement ready-made reusable connectors and integrate with existing systems

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