Digital Transformation with IoT

Connect products, systems and facilities

Internet of Things (IoT), or connected systems as we prefer to call it, creates new opportunities both to develop both new business and to transform and optimize processes. Connect people, products, and processes to power digital transformation.

But how should organizations start when IoT affect several departments, operations and business models at the same time? We at PDSVISION are convinced that the methods, tools, platforms and technologies you choose now will play a large role in how successful your investment will be.

Our goal is to help you become successful with your vision regarding digitization of your products and services. You provide the content and we provide platforms and experts that can help you with the technology and systems to work in your applications. We know that when it comes to moving from strategy to implementation, it is important to have access to knowledgeable people who are close and on short notice can help you.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Always connected to accurate information.

Improve Quality

Improve service quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Maximize Revenue

Enable new business models such as products as a service with IIoT.

DIOSNA implements Predictive Maintenance & Condition Monitoring

Customer story

DIOSNA, founded in 1885, is introducing the Internet of Things on its product range to enable customers to benefit from Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring utilizing the ThingWorx platform.

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We help you to build solutions for smart connected products and systems

This is an IoT platform

In order to be able to keep up on the IoT market and to develop smart products and solutions, companies have to build a new technological infrastructure. The heart of this infrastructure is the ThingWorx IoT platform, which offers the following options:

  • Development of applications that monitor, manage, control and collect their data from connected devices.
  • Autonomous and secure connections between devices.
  • Device and sensor management.
  • Integration of third-party systems.
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That’s why you should use an IoT platform

Even for companies with a lot of resources, it is a big challenge to independently set up a complete system for IoT solutions. This requires a high level of know-how, time and a lot of capital. Ultimately, the company is stuck with long IT projects and waiting for the results of its investments.

Ready-made IoT platforms simplify the development of IoT applications. They connect devices and sensors and enable transmission to information and operation systems. Unlike do-it-yourself platforms, companies can start using the ThingWorx IoT platform immediately.

How the IIoT powers digital transformation

Predictive Maintenance

Use connected machine data to prevent machine standstill and
improve your aftermarket offering.

Manufacturers, service providers, OEMs, and machine builders are leveraging predictive maintenance techniques, utilizing machine data and advanced analytics to preemptively identify and address potential machine issues, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and improving aftermarket services, including the introduction of new service agreements and predictive maintenance features.

Business Value

  • Improve customers productivity by reducing unplanned stops
  • Proactively drive service and original spare parts sales
  • Enable new service agreements

Digital Performance Management

Gaining insight into key initiatives that remove production constraints can be challenging. Data is spread across systems and bottleneck reporting is manual, late, and error-prone. Digital Performance Management, also known as DPM, with ThingWorx IIoT-platform delivers the insight you need to make digital transformation possible.

It provides real-time, closed-loop problem-solving which empowers your team with timely insights about bottlenecks, root causes, and the improvements that your initiatives actually deliver.

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Framework for rapid IoT implementations

myPDS IoT RAMP is a complete framework that allows you to quickly connect your equipment and start exploring how your organization and customers can benefit from data-driven insight

Business Value

  • Short time to initial exploration – “turn on the lights” approach.
  • Early validation of IoT business case.
  • Quick establishment of a technical foundation to start and continue on the IoT journey.
  • Configurable application that allows for quick adoption of new equipment models and use cases.
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