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Smart connected machines with Kepware

Kepware brings together a wide variety of devices and applications so that you ultimately need a single source for all of your industrial automation data.

Smart Connected Machines never stand still. They are constantly processing, communicating and interpreting data and are very precise in doing so. A reliable collection of data enables you to detect problems and inefficiencies at an early stage, then assign them and ultimately fix them. With this increased insight, you can improve your processes, increase your productivity and stay ahead of your competition. Interoperability between devices and machines is the biggest challenge that IIoT brings, but it is essential to implement and take advantage of the values ​​of IIoT. Because connectivity problems can only be solved if IIoT technology provides a secure and reliable data stream for the entire company.

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Use device-to-cloud interoperability for your purposes: KEPServerEX collects your industrial automation data from a wide variety of applications. This allows you to connect, manage, monitor and control automation devices and software applications with just one intuitive user interface.

Using ThingWorx’s AlwaysOn protocol, the KEPServerEX offers two options for interoperability:

  • The IoT Gateway Advanced Plug-in supports a ThingWorx agent that provides you with real-time, read- only communication. Users can thus easily model industrial things on the platform
  • The ThingWorx Native Client Interface offers you bi-directional real-time communication. If you also use the KEPServerEX extension, you get access to extended service and can connect to the KEPServerEX without much effort

IoT Gateway for KEPServerEX

The IoT Gateway is an advanced plug-in that extends the capabilities of the KEPServerEX connectivity platform. It presents RESTful web servers for integration with web services in MES and other systems, and seamlessly streams real-time industrial data directly into device clouds and Big Data analytics platforms across the enterprise.

The IoT Gateway connects Operations with IT to support the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This enables decision-makers to search, monitor, analyze, and visualize data for real-time insight into industrial operations—leading to increased system security, improved customer service, streamlined automation, and better decisions across the enterprise.

OPC Quick Client by Kepware

The OPC Quick Client aids in the development of OPC applications. It is a full-featured OPC client that supports all of the operations available in any OPC client application. By using the OPC Quick Client, users can access all of the data available in the server application, including system, diagnostic, and user-defined tags.

The OPC Quick Client enables users to read and write data, perform structured test suites, and test server performance. Its comprehensive error reporting provides detailed feedback regarding any OPC errors returned by the server, helping diagnose common OPC client/server issues.

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