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It is vital that aerospace and defense companies keep pace

The aerospace and defense industries are industries that require the highest levels of precision, safety and security. The aerospace industry encompasses the development, manufacture and maintenance of aircraft – from commercial airliners to military aircraft. The defense industry is responsible for the development, manufacture and maintenance of weapons systems used in both land and air operations. As two closely related industries, aerospace and defense are of paramount importance in maintaining world peace and protecting security.

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The aerospace and defense industry is facing unprecedented challenges due to the need for digital transformation.

The Digital transformation stops at no one

In today’s world, where strategic priorities are constantly changing due to global volatility and an emerging space race, aerospace and defense organizations are under intense pressure to accomplish their missions faster than ever before. To meet this challenge, PDSVISION provides digital transformation solutions that enable these organizations to optimize their designs, manufacturing processes and system sustainment initiatives. By leveraging actionable intelligence in a physical-digital convergence environments, organizations can ensure their military and industrial systems meet current safety standards without compromising quality and performance.

Main challenges

  • Improve Euquipement Readiness
  • Accelerate Product Developement
  • Lower Costs
  • COVID-19 and Its Fallout
  • Manufacturing Digitalisation
  • Climate Change
  • Weak Supply Chains
  • Cybersecurity
  • Skills Gaps
  • Increasing Passenger Traffic
  • Maintaining and Modernising Existing Aircraft

Industry Insights


A lot remains to be done for both industries if they want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to offering maximum protection against potential risks such as terrorism or natural disasters. As these threats increase, we must also better protect ourselves from them. It is vital that aerospace and defense companies keep pace with modern trends and be prepared for whatever may come their way if we are to protect ourselves from threats.

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