PDSVISION enables product lifecycle value creation and delivery

Innovate products and sell them faster and cheaper

The consumer goods industry is rapidly changing and evolving in response to new trends, needs and demands from customers. The challenges facing this industry are becoming increasingly complicated and difficult to manage, making it important for retailers to stay abreast of trends and developments. PDSVISION enables product lifecycle value creation and delivery for consumer product manufacturers and retailers by unifying the engineering and SKU-centric world. We help consumer product companies to unify their engineering and the SKU management team so that they can create innovate products and sell them faster and cheaper.

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Retailers are under increasing pressure to maximize sales growth and profit margins

Retailers must manage a global network of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and logistics providers

One challenge manufactures of consumer products face is the need to quickly adapt to changing consumer trends. It can be difficult to keep up with trends while producing products that meet customer needs at a rapid pace. As a result, retailers often need to invest heavily in research, development, testing and marketing to stay ahead of the competition. They also need to ensure that their supply chain is flexible enough to respond quickly to changes in trends.

Another common challenge is managing complex supply chains. Retailers must manage a global network of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and logistics providers to get products from manufacturing plants to store shelves quickly and efficiently. This can be especially difficult for smaller retailers who don’t have access to sophisticated supply chain management tools or resources.

In addition, the consumer product industry is under increasing pressure to maximize sales growth and profit margins. This means retailers must strike a balance between offering quality products at competitive prices and delivering value for money at every stage of their operations. They also need to optimize their pricing strategies using data-driven insights into customer trends to create attractive offers that drive sales without squeezing profit margins too much.

Main challenges

  • Changing Consumer Demands with a tendency to fluctuate rapidly
  • Shrinking Operating Margins
  • Compliance and Regulatory Pressures
  • Globalizing Economy
  • Data Granularity and Visibility
  • Solving supply chain challenges

Industry Insights

Consumer Products

Finally, it’s about engaging with customers digitally. Retailers must leverage digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), chatbots, personalized recommendations and more to stay relevant in today’s increasingly digital world and provide customers with a memorable shopping experience.

Overall, these challenges highlight the importance of keeping pace with trends while leveraging technology solutions, such as retail digital transformation solutions that improve speed-to-market processes – like PLM and global collaboration across the supply chain network – both of which are essential keys to success in the highly competitive landscape of today’s consumer goods industry.

Consumer Products Industry Solutions

We build and enable the following key capabilities to deliver product lifecycle value:

  • SKU management capabilities from product line management to sourcing and supply chain
  • Core engineering capabilities like CAD, Parts, Docs, BOM and change management for the design and development of the products
  • Migration capabilities to help companies consolidate different brands and acquisitions over to a single PLM system
  • Management of calendar, merchandize and line plans and associated workflow processes
  • apabilities to manage product variability and specifications with respect to material, colour, costing, labelling, packaging and sourcing

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