Strategic reliability and functional safety services across product and process lifecycles

Managing risk strategies

When designing complex products or processes, you need to manage the risk of system failure and ensure reliability, availability, maintainability and functional safety satisfy end user requirements and comply with regulations.

PDSVISION Risk Management services, delivered by recognised specialists, help you integrate safety and reliability into your product and process development at the earliest stages.

Risk Management services

  • Design for Reliability
  • Functional Safety
  • Cybersecurity Engineering
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Human Factors Engineering
Risk management services - SWIFT consulting
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Most companies practice reliability engineering and safety analysis within design to some extent. However, implementing strategic structured risk management programmes can significantly improve your business.

Risk Management services

PDSVISION Risk Management services support your safety and reliability goals by providing access to subject matter experts and extensive additional resources to support your inhouse teams.

Examples of Risk Management studies undertaken

  • Life Data Analysis (e.g. Weibull)
  • System Reliability Modeling
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Process Hazard Analysis (e.g. HAZID, ENVID, HAZOP)
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessment (e.g. Risk Matrices, LOPA)
  • Alarm Management and Control Room Design
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Knowledge transfer

GAP Analysis


Knowledge Transfer is about enabling your organisation to undertake tasks in-house that previously you left to consultants or did not achieve at all. Through our combined software, consulting and training services we can bridge the skills gap so your team and demonstrate best practice while tackling live projects.

The most effective way to transfer the knowledge will depend on your requirements but is always based on developing a close relationship between our technical team and yours. 


GAP Analysis

Auditing service to assess whether your existing strategies are consistent with your goals.

Our Gap Analysis services are becoming increasingly popular with clients who are aware of where they want to get to but are not sure on how far along the path they are or what they need to do to reach the destination. These services are conducted by our in-house technical team or an associate with specialist knowledge and experience within your industry.

A typical Gap Analysis takes 1-2 days, usually at the Client’s site involving key stakeholders, followed by time off-site to prepare a report. It includes:

  • Understanding your business and characteristics of your products/processes
  • Identification of your Reliability/Safety goals – this could be based on Industry best practice or driven by your Client’s contract requirements to adhere to specific standards or by year-on-year improvements
  • Review of your current Reliability/Safety activities and capabilities
  • Create a Gap Analysis report with recommended activities and a Roadmap/Programme Plan


An independent review of current processes, files and procedures to ensure compliance and best practice

Things often change with time. Standards are re-written, processes modified, people move on and organisations are bought and sold. What at one time was acceptable practice may now need to be reviewed. Our Team of Safety and Reliability specialists are on hand to provide an independent review of current processes, files and procedures to ensure that they comply with current legislation, that information is processed and stored effectively, and the right people have access to the data.

Whether it be a review of your current Alarm Systems management processes or keeping your Safety Files up-to-date, the key aspects of our work is that all risks are identified and the necessary measures for the control of risks are implemented. Typically the steps taken include:

  • Understanding your business and characteristics of your products/processes
  • Review of current practices processes and procedures and compare against legislative and business requirements
  • Generation of Audit Reports including recommended actions
  • Undertake specific actions identified in the Audit Report – these can be performed either by you, us or your nominated provider


Strong and knowledgeable independent leadership of sessions including HAZOPs, SIL Assessments, FMECAs, RCM and Gap Analysis

Effective workshops, whether it be for HAZOPs, SIL Assessments, FMECAs, RCM or Gap Analysis, all require strong and knowledgeable independent leadership. The Chair needs to ensure that all attendees are fully engaged with the process and that the available Workshop time is used effectively.

Sometimes it is necessary to have a Scribe supporting the Chair to progress the data/outcome recording more efficiently. We have a large team of Chairs with Industry-specific experience for Safety and Reliability applications.

You can be assured that sufficient Workshop preparation is done so that:

  • Meetings have the right material/data available and that full Terms of Reference are agreed prior to workshops taking place
  • Workshop attendees are adequately briefed beforehand
  • The Workshop environment is comfortable for the attendees
  • Workshops are completed on time
  • Formal reports provide an independent review of the workshop outcomes and recommended actions


Theory courses to introduce key concepts and techniques

To complement our ReliaSoft product training, our theory courses introduce key concepts and techniques within Technical Safety and Reliability Engineering. These courses are ‘software-neutral’ and therefore will be relevant to your company independent of which software products you use in-house or by your consultants. We can also design specific safety and reliability training programmes to your requirements. With the option to combine training with consulting and mentoring, you can work profitably on your own real projects while receiving tuition. If our scheduled dates are not convenient, we can re-run these courses to suit your time scales at our training facilities, local venues or on-site.

  • Tuition is by our team of consulting engineers and associates with daily experience  solving safety & reliability issues
  • Our tutors attend ‘Train the Trainer’ courses to ensure their teaching methods are effective
  • Although scheduled dates are normally available, we can also run these courses on dates convenient to you subject to arrangement
  • Training can be held at one of our offices, on-site or at a venue local to you
  • Training can be combined with consulting as part of a Technology Transfer project
  • Attendance on our courses may contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


Extension to your inhouse team

You will want assurance that your engineering consultant can deliver the service you expect – professionally, accurately and on-time. Our certified Quality and Environmental Management Systems, experience and use of robust industry-standard software tools combine to minimise any project risks.

  • Validation
  • Engineering Insight
  • Optimisation
  • Expert Witness
  • Fixed Priced/Reimbursable
  • Secondments

All projects, including the supply of software, training and secondment services, are managed through our Professional Services and CRM Systems. Our engineers using our analysis software products are all suitably qualified and supported by our experienced management team.

We regularly and actively seek client feedback after projects are completed. These interviews are conducted by our administration team, independent from staff directly involved with the original work.


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