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Reliability Analysis on Flow Control Products for Hale Hamilton Valves


Hale Hamilton Valves (HHV) were required by their customer to provide Availability, Reliability and Maintainability (ARM) analysis on the flow control products they produce. PDSVISION (formerly Wilde Analysis) were approached to support the ARM requirements activity by providing detailed Reliability Analysis.

A complete solution involving training and consultancy was employed. This allowed the immediate objective of delivering the ARM analysis to be achieved with full compliance being demonstrated to HHV’s customer.

In addition, it empowered HHV engineers to become more independent for such requirements in the future.

Hale Hamilton Valves Customer Story
Courtesy: Hale Hamilton Valves


HHV were required by one of their UK Defence customers to provide ARM analysis for the valve and reducing station products they were supplying. The purpose of these analyses was to demonstrate, to their customer, that specific reliability and availability targets were met for the stringent conditions they were expected to perform under.

In discussions with PDSVISION, it was decided that as HHV’s Customers become more focussed on the performance of the products, that it made sense to not only perform the immediate ARM analysis, but in parallel look to implement a Reliability Engineering process at HHV for the long term – a Knowledge Transfer process.


Many of HHV’s new products have yet to see field use so there was limited historical data available. Any data that was available contained little or no useful information for analyses.

HHV’s engineers needed to get up to speed with current Reliability Engineering methods, with a view to being self-sufficient.

Hale Hamilton Valves Customer Story
Courtesy: Hale Hamilton Valves


It was decided to provide some initial training for HHV’s engineers in current Reliability Engineering methods and approaches. The purpose of the course was to bring HHV’s engineers up to speed with current Reliability techniques and to have a focus on the FMECA methodology, to support the impending workshops.

A Parts Count Reliability Assessment and a FMECA were undertaken.


Introduction to Reliability Engineering and FMECA training was hosted at PDSVISION’s training facilities in Stockport. The course covered:

  • History of Reliability Engineering
  • Overview of Reliability Engineering
  • Measuring and Improving Reliability
  • Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

Parts Count Analysis and FMEA Workshops

For each product an Initial Kick-off Meeting was held to clarify and confirm which approach and level of details was relevant for the Reliability Analysis and FMECA workshops.

The assessment took the form of both a Parts Count Reliability Assessment to determine the MTBF, and a functional FMECA to identify key risks within the system. Failure rates have been taken from NRPD-95, FARADIP.THREE, MIL-HDBK-217F and supplier data, the FMECA has been conducted in accordance with MIL-STD-1629A.

A workshop demonstration followed. This activity involved a PDSVISION Engineer taking HHV engineers through the process of Reliability Assessment and FMECA workshop for a portion of the system.

3 Days of FMECA Workshop were held at HHV’s offices. HHV stakeholders were required to attend these workshops in the capacity of product subject matter experts. This conveniently allowed HHV engineers to learn on the job.

The production and issue of a full report concluded each workshop.

Business Benefit

Following the training and mentoring provided by PDSVISION, HHV were suitably equipped to discuss and agree a suitable process of analysis with their customer.

The reviews to date have shown the products to adequately meet their targets and allowed HHV to demonstrate full compliance to their customer.

The outcome of this whole project has resulted in HHV incorporating a robust Reliability Engineering process and hence having more confidence in their products.

After several conversations with other ARM consultancies, we feel that PDSVISION (formerly Wilde Analysis) is the best fit in terms of experience, especially in dealing with Defence Contractors and in terms of the services and training that you are able to offer and provide.

Harry Citrine – Senior Design Engineer at Hale Hamilton Valves Ltd.

Hale Hamilton Valves (HHV)

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