Ansys Medini Analyze for Efficient ISO 13849 Machinery Safety Compliance


Wilde advised Aldercote how to improve the efficiency of their FuSa analysis tasks. With numerous products in their range, and a pipeline of control enhancements to implement across the range of products. The capacity to design and analyse systems quickly and with confidence was critical.

This solution provides a robust, professional, reliable and consistent solution that the team now has confidence in.

It has streamlined FuSa Analysis across the company and accelerated the route to safety compliance. This has allowed the company to implement performance enhancing updates to its control system much more quickly, thereby accelerating ongoing product development, and helping us to enhance our reputation for providing responsive high performance products.

Deploying this unified approach across the entire product range has given Aldercote the efficiencies and confidence they were looking for to improve their FuSa analyses.



Aldercote self-certified their products to the ISO 13849 safety standard using a number of complex spreadsheets, developed in-house. However, these systems were quite complicated to update, and different analyses were not fully interlinked. This meant that changes in componentry or control algorithms led to  a lengthy process of updating several spreadsheets.


The fully integrated nature of Medini Analyse, and the intuitive user interface now means that this analysis can be undertaken much more quickly and with much less prior training and familiarisation. In addition, all the analysis is presented in standard formats which are immediately recognisable to FUSA analysts familiar with other industries. This greatly eases the process of third-party auditing of documentation, and means that analysis is can be quickly understood by new recruits.


Founded in 1999, Aldercote initially provided Specialist Vehicle Engineering and the manufacture of aircraft de-icers and washers. Now with a staff of 30, the company specialises in vehicle mounted access platforms. Its range of van mounted platforms are renowned for their performance, which is largely delivered by a a control system which continuously monitors boom positions and loading. The company is now growing rapidly and is aiming to become the UK’s leading supplier.  Aldercote is proud to be the only significant company in its field to design, manufacture and assemble its products in Britain.

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