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Process consulting services

Success in product development, manufacturing and service is no coincidence. Our consulting approach is based on many years of experience in the optimization of product development processes and a smooth flow throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Part of our business is to be an advisor in the early stages of customers digital transformation. Through a series of workshops, proof-of-concepts and possibly pilots we identify the best roadmap towards your target system design and quantify savings. We also compare the results with industry leaders. After all, the most successful companies in an industry do things differently than the less successful ones.

Process consulting services

  • Vision, strategy and road-map
  • Value quantification workshops
  • Process assessments and blueprinting
  • Capability oriented PLM framework
  • PLM package evaluation and selection
  • Software proof-of-concepts

Our approach priorities speed and effectiveness while minimizing engineer downtime.

PLM services for PTC Windchill

Once we have a clear strategy, we are ready to offer our packaged PLM services. At PDSVISION, we offer a wide variety of services and methods for implementing PTC Windchill. Whether it is upgrading to the latest version of Windchill, or migrating large volumes of data to a different ERP system, we have the proven experience and ability to accommodate your requirements.

Example of packaged PLM services

  • Install and Upgrade
  • BOM Management
  • Process Consulting
  • Change Management
  • Data Migration
  • System integrations
  • Customization
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Simulation consulting

PDSVISION is focused on transforming businesses through the effective use of engineering simulation, including delivery and technology transfer of Ansys, Moldex3D and DEFORM software. However, we also understand you may not always have the time, resources and capabilities to undertake simulation projects inhouse.

Consequently, we offer quality-assured simulation consulting services through our team of Chartered Engineers using Ansys and other industry-standard software, helping to both validate the performance of your products and processes while also providing fresh insight and ideas to optimize your designs.

Experienced and professional Simulation Consulting

  • Simulation services undertaken since 1980
  • Quality assured, delivered to ISO9001:2015
  • Fixed price and reimbursable project options
  • Staff secondments
  • Expert witness & mentoring
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Technologies Simulation
Maximize Revenue Growth

GAP Analysis

We offer an auditing service to assess whether your existing simulation, safety and reliability strategies are consistent with your goals.

If your current processes are found not to be optimal, we then propose an action plan to bring your programmes up to the desired level.

Our Gap Analysis services are becoming increasingly popular with clients who are aware of where they want to get to but are not sure on how far along the path they are or what they need to do to reach the destination. 

These services are conducted by our in-house technical team or an associate with specialist knowledge and experience within your industry.

We typically undertake a 1 to 2 day assessment of your existing activities, sourcing evidence from information you provide, interviews with various staff and possibly your clients, assessment of any regulatory requirements or industry ‘norms’ and benchmarking against known best practice.

Example: Reliability Gap Analysis

Our Reliability Gap Analysis is currently our most popular gap analysis service and has been used by many clients to improve their reliability performance. We can help you develop a road map of reliability engineering activities to achieve best practice and reach your targets.

Many of our clients recognise that they need to improve the reliability performance of their products and/or manufacturing capabilities. For example, this may be a result of unexpected failures in the field or excessive down-time for unscheduled maintenance work.

Through a Gap Analysis approach, our reliability experts work in partnership with you to review your current  practices, develop realistic reliability targets and create a roadmap of reliability engineering activities to achieve these targets.

Technology Transfer

If you are looking to develop your in-house capabilities, our technology transfer services may be an ideal stepping stone. More than training, we can provide you with the tools and long term know-how while jointly achieving productive goals.

Technology Transfer is about enabling your organisation to undertake tasks in-house that previously you left to consultants or did not achieve at all. Through our combined software, consulting and training services we can up-skill your team and demonstrate best practice while tackling live projects.

The most effective way to transfer the technology will depend on your requirements but is always based on developing a close relationship between our technical team and yours. When appropriate, we can supply software if required as part of the service.

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