A Strategic Approach to After Market Services

Increase revenue and profitability from service

For complex products, manufacturing, construction machinery and transport vehicles it is crucial to be able to deliver top quality service, as well as considering the potential profitability of spare part sales. This puts high demand on maintenance in terms of diagnosis as well as correct, complete and easily accessible product information. It also stresses the need for a process approach.

Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) is our definition of a set of processes and tools to support service and aftermarket.

E-Book – Reducing Costs Across the Service Lifecycle


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Profit margin contribution from aftermarket compared with new sales


Average savings on translation cost with a CCMS strategy


The OEM ability to capture business from their customers aftermarket


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Aftermarket services has a direct impact of the revenue and profit. For many companies service and aftermarket is the main business.

Customer case

EdiLog Aftermarket

For EdiLog and PDSVISION, sustainability is a concept that encompasses several important factors – from a product’s emissions to its carbon footprint, through to its reliability and the end operator’s working environment.

While considering these factors, EdiLog was able to develop the future log stacker, achieving a 70% decrease in administrative tasks and a 20-30% increase in expected sales.

Transform your after-sales service organization

Missing parts, outdated technical documentation, poor first-time fix rates, and other issues decreases your ability to grow after-sales business. To overcome these issues, you must transform the way you:

  • Manage service parts.
  • Create, manage, and deliver up-to-date service information.
  • Predict and prevent product failures.
Brochure – Service Lifecycle Management

A strategic approach to Aftermarket

Service lifecycle management (SLM) is the practice of aligning service parts management, technical communication, field service management, and product support operations. Its not a single product but a number of processes, tools and methods put together for each specific case.

  • Service visibility: Visualize enterprise data in role based views and incorporate insights so that service always knows where products are and how they are performing. Creating simple, role-based views that combine data from multiple enterprise systems minimizes search time, thereby improving service efficiency.
  • Real-time product data: Monitor products remotely to better anticipate and reduce unplanned downtime. In addition, traditional remote monitoring can be enhanced with the use of edge-based analytics to identify anomalies that typically precede service issues. The result is reduced time for service event resolution
  • Digital service content: Ensure technicians and customers can access up-to-date digital service information and part catalogues for seamless identification and ordering. This allows manufacturers to increase service parts revenue through a more efficient experience.


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