Technical Information using Industry XML Standards

Content Management for XML

Simonsoft CMS is a cloud-based content management system designed for small and medium sized businesses. The system employs Arbortext Editor for authoring and PDF publishing but has its own cloud-based architecture designed specifically for technical writers.

Simonsoft holds a powerful pre-translation engine that saves cost and time. Its well connected to Windchill for fetching technical data or for publication of complete document sets

Simonsoft CMS is 100% built on standards such as XML and DITA but can in fact manage any XML Schema.

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“Average Simonsoft deployment saves 40% of cost on translations”

Web first

One of the key benefits to Simonsoft CMS is its capable and automated web publish.  The strategy web first is one of the cornerstones of the product as we consume more and more information in digital media. Things like search, navigation, 3D media and movies need to become an integrated part of the documentation.

Simonsoft Content Delivery (CDS)

Simonsoft has released its new content delivery platform. This will allow companies to build secure customer documentation portals with semantic, world-class search. Using the APIs from CDS its also possible to link to specific topics, resolution tables or similar – directly from the machine, downstream systems, or applications.


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