Spare and Wear Parts – the channel to increased revenue and higher margin


EdiLog’s answer to the aforementioned issues is the next generation of log stackers that are state-of-the-art, future-proof and durable – in the broadest sense. “By focusing on quality and functionality, we have used modern technology to transform a traditional machine into a future-proof version” – Kjell Arne Engberg, CEO of EdiLog. So what distinguishes EdiLog’s log stacker from previous versions?

  • The environment in which the driver operates is updated with the latest technology.
  • By reducing the number of parts in the powertrain, reliability is enhanced while the need for maintenance is reduced.
  • Increased fuel efficiency contributes to both a drastic reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and reduced fuel costs.

Doubled life span

The importance of effective market solutions cannot be emphasized enough—neither from an environmental sustainability nor a customer satisfaction perspective. At EdiLog, we believe that simply creating and producing innovations continuously is not the right or responsible way to approach environmental challenges; the aftermarket must also be sustainable where being able to overview the entire lifespan of the log stacker and being able to benefit from it long term is of utmost importance. This is the true meaning of sustainability.

Above offering professional and dedicated support, EdiLog is also able to upgrade existing machines, which can as much as double their service life. Because of this service, the machine’s carbon footprint will decrease significantly, while you can avoid the cost of purchasing a new machine.

The aftermarket: the key to customer satisfaction

As a customer, you want to feel confident in knowing that everything is working properly and that no unexpected problems will arise with your log stacker. Even if this is the ultimate goal for us at EdiLog, reality dictates that unforeseen situations may still occur. What you can feel confident in, however, is knowing that you will always get the support you need when something on your log stacker breaks or wears out. By investing in staff as well as robust aftermarket solutions, EdiLog has been able to maintain its incredibly high level of customer satisfaction and continues to do so.

In collaboration with PDSVISION, a documentation system has been developed that facilitates the creation of, amongst other things, a spare and wear parts catalog, driver’s manual, assembly instruc- tions and information on different versions of software. In addition, the solution is set up in a way which allows EdiLog to, simply and quickly, always keep the information up-to-date and relevant. Such investments in multisystem solutions mean that EdiLog has been able to remove silos between departments within the organization, shorten the distance from idea to finished product, and in- crease both quality and innovation of products. Internally within EdiLog, this results in administrative tasks being reduced by as much as 70 percent which frees up time for more critical tasks.

Higher sales

EdiLog always puts the customer first and the aftermarket solutions are no exception. EdiLog can guarantee the quality of its product more convincingly than competitors due to spare parts coming from trusted first-hand retailers. In part thanks to that, the spare parts sales are expected to be 20-30 percent higher than average within the market. Third-party spare parts have a negative impact on quality which may also have a negative impact on brand perception. Thus, always being able to guarantee quality means being able to build and protect the brand more efficiently.

Product support is a complicated branch of customer service to master and only companies that truly understand its principles can be successful within it. State of the art customer service requires, among other things, that the organization has the right materials, staff and infrastructure in the right place and at the right time. EdiLog has a great understanding and appreciation of this and is continuously working towards being able to meet yet unknown future challenges. Just like the log stackers, the method of work is made to be sustainable and future-proof.


The Signifikant aftermarket solution allows organizations to create and protect revenue streams, as well as secures that spare and wear parts are sales with high margin revenue streams. With Signifikant, organizations build and protect their brand—the solution creates barriers for third-party parts to become components of your organization’s products, thus allowing you to stay in control of the entire product lifecycle. Additionally, it creates a new channel of insight and understanding of how the product is being used, which will work as a foundation for product management, R&D, sales and marketing.

The building blocks

  • Consolidate: Powerful data warehouse that acts as a central repository to align all aftermarket information from multiple business units.
  • Align & publish: View all business information for the aftermarket on a single platform. Create tailored products and parts catalog.
  • Sell: Develop or integrate a fully-featured web shop especially designed to sell spare parts and other products.

About EdiLog

In the forestry industry, log stackers play a vital part in the value chain. If the stackers do not work continuously and effectively, the entire production chain will suffer the consequences. Due to this, sudden interruptions for repair or maintenance work entail substantial costs.

For EdiLog, yet another challenge has been to replace the traditional diesel engines, which are both costly and emits a significant amount of carbon dioxide, with engines that are both more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. EdiLogs response to the challenge is to secure that a holistic perspective is considered and maintained when looking at the product lifecycle –including the aftermarket.

Even if the environmental challenge and profitability are separate and often contesting issues, the same solution can be beneficial for the environment without breaking the bank.


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