Efficient management of aftermarket information

Increase your spare part sales

Signifikant supports the process to deliver cost-effective aftermarket parts and service information. To keep your service level efficient at low cost there is a need for some kind of content delivery solution where spare part information, service bulletins, technical documentation and last but not least e-commerce can be managed. Normally these solutions are expensive and custom built for each case – but what if there was an affordable and packaged solution available?

Our partner Signifikant have created just that, a low cost and efficient way of providing correct, complete and accessible information about product structures and product information, spare parts, e-shopping, diagnosis, service information and feedback.

Since some time Signifikant has its direct interface to Windchill and Creo/Illustrate.

Datasheet – Signifikant

The Signifikant platform is a solution for increased aftermarket sales through enhancing aftermarket information delivery, linked directly with PLM and ERP.

Customer Insights


For EdiLog and PDSVISION, sustainability is a concept that encompasses several important factors – from a product’s emissions to its carbon footprint, through to its reliability and the end operator’s working environment.

While considering these factors, EdiLog was able to develop the future log stacker, achieving a 70% decrease in administrative tasks and a 20-30% increase in expected sales.

Business Values

  • Increased aftermarket sales
  • Increase the accuracy and efficiency
  • Direct access to all aftermarket information
  • Reduces the risk of expensive mistakes
  • Increased services efficiency


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