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Analytics are at the heart of any IoT platform

We’re talking about big data: every thing in the Internet of Things can generate millions of data points, every day. With the expected amount of connected devices of 30 billion in 2020, the amount of data will have increased many times over. User demand for more and, above all, better information from connected devices is only being overtaken by the growth in the amount of data itself. Classic analysis tools will not help here because they are not made for IoT. The big challenge is filtering the volume, velocity, and variety of IoT data in a way that recognizes patterns and anomalies.

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What is ThingWorx Analytics?

Through ThingWorx Analytics, companies are discovering the true value of their current IoT data. You will learn from existing data, you will understand the future, you will be able to predict it and then make decisions that add value to your customers.

  • Observe: Monitor real-time data streams using edge devices to detect patterns and anomalies.
  • Anticipate: Automated predictive modeling and operationalization for a variety of scenarios.
  • Adapt: ​​Simulated intelligence that can identify factors. Factors that play a key role in the outcome.
  • Optimize: Automate operationalization and obtain predictive and simulated intelligence for end users.

How does ThingWorx Analytics work?

ThingWorx Analytics is integrated with the ThingWorx IoT platform. This allows developers to quickly and easily add real-time pattern recognition, anomaly detection, predictive analysis, and simulation to their solutions.

  • ThingWatcher: Finds anomalies on edge devices in real time. Automatically observes and learns normal state patterns for each device and sensor. Subsequently, those anomalies are displayed to the end user in real time.
  • ThingPredictor: Automatically predicts future outcomes. Attributes relevant predictions to things, such as time to failure or errors per hour.
  • ThingOptimizer: Improves future performance and outcomes using automated mappings and simulations. Identifies the key factors that significantly influence the end results

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