How PLM and tight partnerships benefit a medium sized business

Fully digitalized Product Lifecycle Management

Danish industry supplier JEROS has fully digitalized its Product Lifecycle Management, PLM. It is a prerequisite to keep pace with global competition and customer demands.

“Our ability to succeed in reaching our goals has significantly been boosted by our digitalization”, Brian Henning Jørgensen, chief operating officer at JEROS says.

A key to the success is a tight partnership with its suppliers.

JEROS is a leading global brand with more than 55 years of experience in the development, production and sales of tray cleaners, utensil washers and crate washers for the retail and food industries. Its business and productions models provide a high degree of flexibility, making it well-prepared for the current and the future demands it faces in the production of qualitative and functional solutions. Today, JEROS is embracing digital technology with the help of PDSVISION to ensure it can continue to adapt to the demands of its varied global customers.

The company early identified that to grow further and maintain customer satisfaction, they need to build products faster, using responsive data that is fast to obtain and smooth to utilize. The wide range of utensils and service modules required in the market today is expanding rapidly. So is the competition to service this demand. To achieve flexibility requires an ability to visualize and adapt prototypes, even as to design components quickly and accurately.

Being a relatively small business, implementing CAD and PLM is a large undertaking. It is very dependent on the vendors’ capability to simplify implementations, but also on a tight and partner-like relation.

Partnerships – vital for success

JEROS invests a lot of time and focus into building partnerships with its established network of dealers and suppliers. This is an essential part of the company’s continued global success. From its local beginnings to a world-wide network, this consistent development of the partnerships continues to help the company grow into new markets.

By working with trusted solution providers such as PDSVISION, JEROS ensures their teams have the best design solutions and training needed to continue producing innovative and flexible designs. This suits JEROS social approach to strong networking.

Good partnerships take time to build. At JEROS we look to build relationships over time to ensure all have the same goals and objects. We look to work with partners like PDSVISION, who value the same approaches that result in mutual ownership and trust produced via collaboration..

Managing Director at JEROS

Evita Rosdahl

JEROS has together with PDSVISION

  • Reduced lead times in product development.
  • Improved product quality through improved data quality and correct data flows.
  • Improved support of CAD and PLM through a strong partnership and add-on PLM solutions.

Faster. Smoother. More responsive solutions.

Flexibility and customization combined with agility and speed were the identified challenge in achieving the company’s objectives. “Faster, smoother and more responsive solutions” were the primary answers to the question of how processes could be improved.

“We have implemented and embraced PTC’s suite of design solutions. Together with PDSVISION’s own products, technical support and bespoke training, our ability to succeed in reaching our goals has significantly been boosted”, Brian Henning Jørgensen, chief operating officer at JEROS says.

The company has been able to take a tighter command of its data which is located at different sites. They have been able to successfully implement a faster and more agile design process that has resulted in easier project collaborations.

“By implementing a smoother design process, we cut back wasted time and resources. It reduces our need to focus on tasks that should be completed successfully the first time, every time. Instead, we can refocus our efforts on the minority of tasks that do require our constant development.”

JEROS have increased their ability to service customer demands whilst reducing both waste and down time. The tools are a range of practical solutions and a process they can fully control and maintain. This is essential in servicing the fast paced and developing sectors the company caters to.

In all, by utilizing PTC design solutions alongside PDSVISION technical services, JEROS has successfully implemented a faster and more agile design process to support them in fulfilling the company’s mission:

Bringing quality products to the market quickly and more cost effectively for all.


JEROS is a leading global brand in the development, production and sales of tray cleaners, utensil washers and crate washers for the retail and food industries.

JEROS utensil washers can be found in bakeries, confectioners, and butchers, as well catering, the fast-food industry and fish suppliers amongst others.

The company HQ is located in Ringe.

Employs >250+ people worldwide.


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