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Introduction of PTC Windchill powered by the myPDS Industry Package


Overcoming complexity, accelerating time-to-market, and implementing systems engineering and smart products were the key challenges faced by Krug & Priester. Discover how they successfully tackled these obstacles to drive innovation and achieve business growth.

  • reducing complexity, time-to-market and infrastructure
  • introducing systems engineering and smart products


Krug & Priester has implemented the PTC Windchill solution powered by myPDS Industry Package. The project was characterized by a short implementation time, a fast realization of added value and a clear investment budget. The first project was carried out immediately after the introduction of Windchill. Today, Krug & Priester develop their products in teamwork.

  • Increase reuse: Fewer new parts lead to savings throughout the value chain
  • Reduces search time: Gives teams more time for more important tasks
  • Encourage teamwork: Team collaboration reduces project times
  • Standardized change processes: Prevents errors and is the foundation for seamless product manufacturing

Krug & Priester opted for the myPDS Industry Package in order to reduce implementation time, minimize costs, and guarantee a low-risk PLM implementation. PDSVISION’s pre-packaged PLM solution, known for its scalability and ease of implementation, offers a comprehensive range of PLM benefits. These include data archiving, document management, seamless integration with multiple CAD systems, change management, quality management, concurrent design engineering, project management, BOM management, and visualization capabilities.

Windchill has significantly shortened our project times through several key factors. Firstly, the fast retrieval of assemblies and parts allows for quick access to the required components, expediting the development process. Additionally, the clear, unambiguous, and up-to-date data structure provided by Windchill ensures efficient collaboration among teams, enabling parallel work on different aspects of the project. As a result, the time required for approving parts and drawings has been reduced by an impressive 30%.

Furthermore, Windchill has fully automated the generation of viewing data for the ERP system. This automation eliminates the need for manual intervention, streamlining the data transfer process and saving valuable time. The adoption of Windchill has also led to the complete replacement of traditional paper drawings and the associated manual processes. By digitizing these workflows, Krug & Priester has eliminated inefficiencies and achieved greater accuracy and productivity in their operations.

Head of Development and Construction

Holger Jenter

About Krug & Priester

The Swabian family-owned company Krug & Priester is one of the world’s leading manufacturers, in some sub-sectors – such as professional stack cutters, document shredders and air purifiers.

Under the IDEAL and EBA brands, the Swabian manufacturer offers its products, which stand for the highest quality standards, innovative design, proverbial reliability, particularly long service life, convincing ease of use and comprehensive operating safety.


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