Integrate and manage supply chain data in PLM

What is Supplier Management?

Supply chain collaboration involves collaborating with other supply chain participants to provide reliable, secure, and timely product data while accelerating your purchase procedures.

Buyers can obtain information on qualified and recommended suppliers as well as the status of parts to validate the readiness of the supplier. When the BOM is ready to be released to suppliers as a quote, prototype, or production, buyers are informed. Manufacturers may increase their agility and shorten their time to market thanks to this cooperative effort.

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Drive enterprise standardization of preferred components and suppliers through rapid access to critical engineering, manufacturing and supply chain characteristics

Key capabilities in PTC Windchill

Rapidly find & compare components & suppliers

Maximize re-use of preferred components and suppliers. View and compare functional and supply chain characteristics

Classify components

Map active components to classification system within PTC Windchill

Define & manage hierarchical classification systems

Standardize attributes and allowable attribute values by category

Supplier Management in PTC Windchill

Windchill Supplier Management enables companies to integrate and manage supply chain data within Windchill. In addition to helping companies track their supplier parts, Windchill Supplier Management improves the part selection process by making manufacturer and vendor data available early in the design phase.

Use case – Supplier Management for engineers

For example, a Design Engineer can use the Classification search to look for OEM parts that have approved manufacturer or vendor parts. Engineers can also view the sourcing status of parts in the product structure and can annotate Approved Manufacturer Part Lists (AMLs) and Approved Vendor Part Lists (AVLs). in the Product Structure Explorer. Component Engineers can use the sourcing status of parts to create an optimal Manufacturing BOM based on the OEM BOM.

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