Manage enterprise change and configuration from field reports to implementation in ERP

How to manage new product introductions and product changes

Managing engineering change is without any comparison the most complex of all processes within R&D. It spans from the customer, to the field service agents, to R&D, product management, procurement and production. Because of its unique intra departmental span, it is of the highest importance that data is correct and that all people share one view of the information.

Implementing change management in a PLM system helps companies:

  • Shorten change lead time
  • Save cost by improving decision processes
  • Track and report change information
  • Maintain change-information and history.

“An efficient change process can cut up to 33% off the typical product development cycle time”

Manage Configuration Systematically

There are four major components of what we define as configurations management

  • Options and variants, is the ability to manage the data of an impossible equation where you have millions of possible product variants.
  • Product Configuration Management, is the ability to modularize your product in such a way that you can allow customers, or sales people to define the product through a series of selections, and to automate the generation of drawings, specifications specific to that product configuration.
  • Multiple BOM Management (Bill of Material), is the ability to manage the different internal aspects (Manufacturing, Engineering, Service) and views of your BOM before it’s handed over to the material production and delivery process.
  • Linking information to ERP, is the automation of sending information about products and structures from PLM to ERP systems.

Technology PLM

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