Product Data Directly in the 3D Models

What is MBD?

Model-Based Definition (MBD) is an emerging approach to engineering that holds great promise for addressing the increasing complexity of systems, while reducing the time, cost, and risk to develop and deliver these systems.

Model-Based Definition includes creating annotated 3D models that fully define the product in a manner that can be communicated and used effectively by all downstream customers without the need for 2D drawings. This 3D model becomes the single source of truth that is exchanged with the downstream organizations such as quality, inspection, manufacturing, procurement and others to interrogate, analyze, build and inspect the product. Information that is added to models in addition to geometry are Dimensions and Tolerances (GD&T) plus symbols and text notes.

Manage MBD in Creo

With Creo, you can deliver annotated models that act as a single source of truth for all downstream users—from manufacturing, to quality, to suppliers. As a result, you can increase productivity and quality by clearly communicating design intent.

In addition to being a world-class CAD solution, Creo is a powerful tool for MBD. Learn about MBD capabilities that are fully integrated into every seat of Creo by reading our brochure, which is available to you for free after you complete the form on this page. Additionally, for a limited time we’re offering a flexible pricing promotion on popular products like Creo GD&T Advisor Plus Extension. Reach out to us for more information after you read the brochure.

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