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Addressing the Challenges with Advanced Assemblies

Developing very large assemblies and plants was always a big challenge in modern 3D CAD. The limits of computers and the heavy 3D files along with a lack of functions, for typical challenges like piping, and structure development made it extremely inefficient and computation time horrendous.

With PTC Creo we can

  • Handle extremely large sets of data by reducing the on screen content.
  • Manage beam structures, pipes, cables, welds and other construction elements.
  • Light weight representations where engineering tasks can be performed.
  • Store the data in one central repository allowing for many engineers to work on one construction simultaneously.

Take the Complexity out of Designing, Managing, and Sharing Large Assemblies

Technology CAD

Additive Manufacturing

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Exchange 3D CAD Data

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Generative Design

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Industrial Design and Advanced Surfacing

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Integrated Simulation

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Managing Mechanical and Electrical Design

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Model Based Definition (MBD)

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