Generative design software autonomously creates optimal designs from design requirements

What is Generative Design Software?

Generative design software autonomously creates optimal designs from a set of system design requirements. Engineers can interactively specify their requirements and goals, including preferred materials and manufacturing processes—and the generative engine will automatically produce a manufacture-ready design as a starting point or as a final solution. As a result, engineers can interact with the technology to create superior designs and drive product innovation more quickly.

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Product Differentiation

Generative design allows you to break out of that rut
by creating high-performing new parts and products that exceed requirements.

Optimized Reliability

Carry out stress analysis on the generative design results to validate the quality and durability of the designs.

Improve Legacy Designs

generative design may help you find ways to
dramatically improve part strength, and reduce overall weight and material use, in legacy designs

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