Why is Methodology Important in Product Development?

Why methodology

Often documented methods for construction as well as the important link between users and overall processes controlling every business, are missing. Rules and best practices are spread by word-of-mouth and interpreted differently by different individuals. This may lead to:

  • Experts are forced to spend a lot of time on support and correction of data instead of development.
  • Expensive and unnecessary revisions.
  • Time consuming introductions for new recruits and consultants.
  • New functionality is introduced slowly.

Well defined work methods help users utilize their work tools more effectively. At PDSVISION we therefore recommend all companies to describe and document, at a the very minimum, the most common operations. This is a process we are more than willing to support. PDSVISION has for many years contributed to development of methodologies used by some of our most successful customers.

Methodology is highly recommended by PDSVISION to all of our customers. A simple and modest description of standard procedures can be worth a lot when introducing new employees, consultants and partners

Methodology development with PDSVISION

Because of our customers need to use the potential from their investment in the best way possible, PDSVISION offers support for developing and documenting methodology and processes related to the tools we offer. In addition to this, we have tools for analyses, templates, general best practices and training experience.

We also know that in the end, methodology has to be as unique as the customer defining it.

Packaging and presentation is key

An investment in methodology is rather useless if no one in the organization reads or utilizes the provided methods. A key factor here is packaging of information. To reach success with the defined methodology, the content should be presented using the following conditions:

  • Easily accessible for those who need it (web, intranet)
  • Easy to consume and clear (text, images, videos)
  • Relevant and updated content

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