Advanced Course in PTC Mathcad

Advanced Course in PTC Mathcad

Course Description

The advanced course enhances your knowledge of PTC Mathcad. This one day course provides essential knowledge of additional parts of the program. Topics such as solving equations, different ways of importing and exporting data, algebraic calculations, programming and components are covered during one day.

Course Content

The course topics are presented during one day and exercises based on the topics presented performed successively. Below are some topics from the course content listed.

Prerequisites: Introduction to PTC Mathcad or equivalent work experience
Audience: Mathcad users needing more advanced knowledge of different parts of the program

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Day 1
  • Imports and Exports. Data can be imported to and from PTC Mathcad in many different ways. It addresses most of the variants.
  • Solving equations: In PTC Mathcad equations and systems of equations can be solved using various functions and methods. Pros and cons of the different ways are addressed and theory of numerical methods.
  • Algebraic calculations: PTC Mathcad contains tools for numerical calculations and also a module for algebraic calculations. We give you an overview of this functionality.
  • Programming: When it´s hard to define your own functions in just a row, the users of Mathcad have opportunity to do so in the multi-line structures with the included programming tools.
  • Components: Items belonging to other programs such as Michrosoft Excel can be inserted into a Mathcad document to get access to features that extends Mathcad´s functionality.

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