ThingWorx Navigate delivers complete, contextual, up-to-date & accurate product data

ThingWorx Navigate: Make your product data accessible across the enterprise

ThingWorx Navigate is about your product data – what do you want to do with it? Product data is the most important asset in your company. Decisions affecting the safety, quality, time-to-market and profitability of a product are based on accurate and timely product information. This information should be made visible to all stakeholders and be available throughout the product lifecycle. Decisions based on this information can have a huge impact on your business, including product safety and reliability, speed of innovation, and on-time and on-budget delivery.

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PLM for everyone: Unleash product data in the company

With Navigate, everyone involved in their role in the company is provided with the most up-to-date and accurate data in order to accelerate and improve their decision-making processes. These role-based apps are available without programming – out-of-the-box. The simple and uncomplicated handling of ThingWorx Navigate is similar to an average smartphone app.

ThingWorx Navigate provides complete, contextual, current and accurate product data from systems of record such as PLM and ALM systems. This is done without complex operation, lengthy training, rigid integration processes or long-term adjustment procedures.

Using ThingWorx technology, ThingWorx Navigate Apps can be easily customized and deployed based on the user’s role. In addition, ThingWorx Navigate can integrate data from a wide variety of business systems or even intelligent, connected products.

How can ThingWorx Navigate help your team?

Easily connect to product data for…

  • Precise decisions: Comprehensive insight into the entry systems
  • Higher product quality: Decisions and actions based on current information
  • New Insights: Providing relevant data from multiple systems in context
  • Increased value: Access to existing technology for more users, better adoption

New way of experiencing data…

  • Intuitive: Without training, easily accessible and with a modern user interface
  • Role-based: Get data from multiple sources in context based on user needs
  • Faster to use: Provision in a few hours or days instead of several weeks or even months
  • Coherent: A consistent, familiar user experience across multiple systems

Rapidly building user experiences for apps…

  • Extensible: For new data sources, systems and user experiences
  • Agile: Rapid deployment of new user interfaces (“try fast, fail fast”)
  • Seamless: No disruption to the user when changes are made to the data source
  • Flexible: Sources in the cloud, on-premises, as SaaS or mixed

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