PTC Mathcad – The industry standard software for engineering calculations

Mathcad Prime – Engineering calculations

PTC Mathcad is an engineering calculation solution that helps you design better products faster. With PTC Mathcad you have the power to do highly accurate engineering calculations and then easily share this critical IP.

The powerful maths engine and intuitive documentation front-end of PTC Mathcad can handle the simplest equations or the most complex multi-step engineering analysis. It is a vital first step in your product’s digital design definition.

The result? You can spend more time engineering and less time documenting.

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PTC Mathcad is easy-to-learn with an easy-to-use platform

Mathcad delivers greater computational power, providing 3-D graphing, integration with Microsoft® Excel®, collapsible areas, and symbolic (CAS) capabilities, all in a document-centric environment. With thousands of built-in mathematical functions, Mathcad Prime allows advanced engineering exploration. Also, Mathcad Prime integrates with other best-in-class PTC products like Creo® Parametric and Windchill®, increases productivity, improves process efficiency, and allows for better collaboration between individuals and teams.

Key benefits

  • Confidently transmit design calculations and your engineering knowledge
  • Intuitively capture calculations using common math notation
  • Create high quality documents with live text, formulas, content and images
  • Reusing standardized calculations
  • Increasing productivity through global units
  • Accelerate deployment with instant access to tutorials and eLearning

Mathcad Prime 9.0 – What´s new!

PTC Mathcad Prime 9 will deliver numerous productivity and functionality enhancements so users can accurately solve, analyze, document, and share all of their engineering calculations faster than ever.

Mathcad Prime 9 is based on the new symbolic engine, and with the enhancements to the numeric engine, users have now access to more mathematical operations and functionality than ever before

Mathcad Prime 9 also provides important capability and productivity enhancements rooted in customer input and feedback.

Datasheet Mathcad Prime 9.0

Math-related updates

  • The Gradient Operator, which returns the gradient of a scalar function with respect to defined variables both numerically and symbolically.   
  • The addition of the pdesolve function in the Solve Block
  • Enablement of symbolic solutions for Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE). Users can now solve first-order ODEs and higher-order ODEs that can be reduced to first-order systems. 
  • Users can now symbolically solve a system of equations inside a Solve Block using the find Function. 
  • New Logarithmic Integral Functions and Elliptic Integral Functions 
  • Calculus Operators such as derivatives, limits, integrals, and summations used symbolically have been improved and cover expanded use cases. 
  • The functionality and use cases for several symbolic Keywords and Functions have been expanded upon. For example, users can use the assume Keyword to specify assumptions about a function’s result.

Productivity and usability enhancements

  • Text Styles
  • Internal Links
  • Custom Color Picker 
  • Go-to Page
  • Current Page Tooltip
  • Math region to Text region conversion
Comparison chart – PTC Mathcad Prime VersionComparison chart – Mathcad 15 and Mathcad Prime 9

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