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Take Control of Your Entire Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Processes

Ansys’ best-in-class solution for additive manufacturing enables simulation at every step in your AM process. It will help you optimize material configurations and machine and part setup before you begin to print. As a result, you’ll greatly reduce — and potentially eliminate—the physical process of trial-and-error testing.

Through a structured workflow, ANSYS Additive Manufacturing simulation tools will help you:

  • Design for AM (DfAM) utilizing topology optimization and lattice structures
  • Conduct design validation
  • Improve build setup — with additional design features for part manufacturing, including part orientation and automatic generation of physics-based support structures
  • Simulate print processes
  • Explore and gain greater understanding of materials

Ansys offers a complete simulation workflow for additive manufacturing (AM) that allows you to transition your R&D efforts for AM into a successful manufacturing operation, offering both rapid and high-fidelity results to support topology optimization and performance validation

Ansys Additive Manufacturing Rocker Arm Build


ANSYS Additive Solutions includes a wide range of capabilities depending on whether the Additive Suite or Additive Print configuration below is chosen.

  • STL File and Geometry Manipulation
  • Topology Optimisation
  • Structural & Thermal Analysis and Design Validation
  • Multiple Additive Process Simulation Solvers – for a choice of rapid guidance results and high-fidelity assessment
  • Design-stage Investigation of Materials and Optimal Machine Parameters


Additive Suite
Additive Science
Additive Print

Additive Suite

A Comprehensive Simulation Solution for the Entire Additive Workflow

The ANSYS Additive Suite comprehensive solution spans the entire workflow – from design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) through validation, print design, process simulation and exploration of materials. This workflow can be undertaken within the renowned ANSYS Workbench environment, together with rapid stand-alone applications for specific tasks.

ANSYS Additive Suite combines the power and capability of the ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise solution with additive-manufacturing specific tools, such as ANSYS Additive Print. This provides access to the ANSYS Workbench user environment, facilitating the set-up and solving of print simulations, while offering maximum flexibility for adjusting workflow settings as needed.

Ansys Additive Process

Additive Print

Rapid Yet Accurate Solution for Predicting Additive Manufacturing Processes

Ansys Additive Print is an extremely easy-to-use and fast manufacturing process simulation solution, predicting part shape, distortion, and stresses, automatically generating optimal support structures, and compensating STL files for distortion.

Additive Print is a practical tool for people who need to build real parts, delivering an unparalleled combination of accuracy and speed in predicting:

  • Final shape of the printed part.
  • Layer-by-layer distortion and stress.
  • Optimal support structures.
  • Distortion-compensated STL files.
  • Potential blade crash.
Ansys Additive Print

Additive Science

Undertake Design-Stage Investigations of Materials and Optimal Machine Parameters

ANSYS Additive Science is specifically designed for:

  • Metal AM experts looking to optimize and fine-tune their machine and material parameters.
  • Material scientists working to develop new metal powders and metal AM materials and material specifications.
  • Powder bed machine manufacturers seeking to optimize their machine designs.
  • Metallurgists in aerospace, biotech, automotive OEMs and organizations interested in AM capabilities.

Compared to other material modelling solutions, ANSYS Additive Science features

  • Proprietary mathematical algorithms produce results that are orders of magnitude faster Simulations are based on exact scan vectors from a build file or user-defined scan patterns. Custom-curated databases include non-linear, temperature-dependent thermophysical properties for each material (as a function of physical state)
Ansys Additive Science

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