Root Solutions has become PDSVISION

Impact on our business relationship

Following the acquisition in December 2021 by PDSVISION Group AB, Root Solutions Ltd. has announced it will merge with sister company PDSVISION Ltd. and collectively change the name to PDSVISION UK Ltd. and adopt PDSVISION’s branding effective April 6, 2023.

Why did we change?

The name change streamlines PDSVISION’s market presence and further unifies its global software sales, support, certified training, and consulting services as one entity. Our companies have similar history, strong PTC partnership, and operate in the same eco-system. Our respective IPs, industry specific solutions, apps, SaaS offerings, and customer base complement each other. Operating under one consolidated brand will better represent the global organization and its collective expertise.

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What happens next?

PDSVISION’s customers, vendors, and other business contacts will begin to see communication from PDSVISION and the email domain along with rebranded social media accounts in April.

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