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Karolina Hägg

Registration now open!

PDSFORUM in the Nordics, the must-attend event for professionals immersed in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD), that brings together a diverse community of R&D engineers, designers, management professionals, and experts in product development.

Days: 2
Dates: 10 -11 April 2024
Location: Gothia Towers, Gothenburg
Country: Sweden
Language: English

PDSFORUM - Registration

Connecting Minds, Igniting Ideas

PDSFORUM serves as a dynamic space for individuals passionate about the Digital Transformation landscape within the Manufacturing sector. This event provides a unique platform for attendees to connect, gain inspiration, and share invaluable experiences.

Key Highlights: 

  • Learn from Industry Experts: Listen to Robin Teigland, Strategy and Management for Digitalization professor at Chalmers, and Jos Voskuil, also known as the VirtualDutchman.com, teacher in physics and mathematics and well-known PLM guru, and more.
  • Face-to-Face Networking: Connect, interact, and meet your industry colleagues in person. PDSFORUM offers a prime opportunity to establish meaningful connections that transcend the digital realm.
  • Inspiration from Real-World Challenges: Get inspired by learning about the challenges faced by others on their digital journey and the innovative steps they’ve taken to overcome them.

Your Compass in Digital Transformation

This event is the ultimate destination for professionals associated with product development and manufacturing efficiency. Industry leaders converge to exchange insights on emerging trends, showcase innovative projects, and discuss the unique challenges defining our digital era.

Learn from the Best

PDSFORUM brings together professionals who have successfully navigated the digital transformation process. On our stage, they generously share their day-to-day challenges, lessons learned, and impactful projects that have shaped their journey.

Discover Solutions, Gain Insights, and Network

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear directly from expert speakers and our customers. The solutions you seek for your challenges in design, product development, and manufacturing efficiency may just be discovered at PDSFORUM.

PDSFORUM - Registration

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