myPDS Classification

Follow standards, classify information and align with naming conventions

Classify your CAD data

myPDS Classification enables companies to easier follow standards, better classify information for reuse and align naming conventions for ERP and other applications.

Centralizing the enterprise standards for CAD will aid the users in the process of creating and maintaining accurate data. Having good, classified information already in the early stages of the design process improves the searchability and increase on the overall quality of your data and in the end your final product.

Make sure that every designer regardless of location has the same settings and rules applied to their designs and maintain these configurations from a clouded administration view. 


  • Built-in number generator
  • Dictionary for meta-data input
  • Material library
  • Handle and maintain position numbering in assemblies
  • Managing the Creo template files (start parts, drawing formats, etc.)
  • Much more

The challenge

Designers need to add a lot of detailed information in CAD models and drawings from adding all parameters, and attributes, use correct naming and other information. If information (metadata) is missing, incomplete or wrong it often leads to a situation where users can have a hard time finding correct information, needs to re-work data or even duplicate information by mistake. The poor data quality also is transferred to other business systems.

The solution

myPDS Classification offers simple and intuitive ways to administrate and distribute the companies CAD standards to the enterprise.

Business value

  • Increase information quality
    • Quality assured information before communication to business systems
    • Classify and search entered information transparently
  • Shorten lead time and rework
    • Easy to update multiple drawing sets
    • Easy to administrate
  • Decrease cost
    • Reduce number of duplicate items
    • The same item shouldn’t be designed twice

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