Getting started with PTC Creo Simulation Live now easier than ever!

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Nils Persson

PTC Creo Simulation Live is one of the first results to come form the partnership between PTC and Ansys. It brings real time simulation into the CAD environment. It aims to aid designers throughout the design phase with structural, thermal and model analyses.

It’s also super easy to use! 

There is no need to mesh or simplify models. No need to wait for results. Just set the constraints and you have the live results right in front of you.

By being able to analyze models early in the design phase, you can save lots of time and money on prototypes as well as time-consuming process in the analysis phase.

It will give you a head start in any project.

Try PTC Creo Simulation Live for free – 20 days!

Sounds intriguing? It is now also very easy to get started with an evaluation. In the later date codes of Creo Parametric 4, 5 and 6 – there is now a PTC Creo Simulation Live trial button. By clicking it you receive a temporary license for 20 days that also gets automatically installed.

Quick and easy! I have put together a short video of this process below. 

I encourage you to check out PTC Creo Simulation Live. It brings simple to use CAE tools to the designer.

For the record there are a lot of updates in terms of simulation scheduled the over next 12 months via PTC. For PTC Creo Simulation Live, this will include support for flow and participial analyses. CAE professionals working with the full Creo Simulate suite will be pleased to know that ANSYS AIM Solver will also be included within Creo Simulate, we envisage starting from PTC Creo Simulate 7.

Happy modelling guys!

Regards ,

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