PDSFORUM – An event that inspires digital transformation

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Heidi Åman

An event that inspires digital transformation

Every step in the value chain — from product engineering to manufacturing, service, and sales — can impact your sustainable competitive advantage. Connecting the dots between people, processes, and products sets your foundation for success for years.

But how is it done? How have others done it? Maybe the answer is found at PDSFORUM 2023.



Participate in the largest PDSVISION event that enables engineers, designers, illustrators, and management to meet, get inspired, and share experiences. Gain insights into approaching your current challenges, setting up a sustainable strategy, and planning for future activities and projects.

PDSFORUM as an event has been around for ten years. Every year the goal has been to refine and improve based on feedback from previous years and with the guidance of our customers.

“4.5 out of 5 in the score for our workshops”
Participant survey
“The most important and best event of the year if you work with PLM.”
Participant PDSFORUM 2019


A live event to inspire the start or improvement of your digital journey

PDSFORUM is an event for businesses that want to improve or start their digital journey in design, product development, and aftermarket. The three main reasons to participate are:

  • Share solutions and experience

    Learn about best practices for streamlining and improving your product development. Find inspiration related to new areas and opportunities for improvement. Gain insights into how others have met their challenges.

  • Network

    Meet your industry colleagues and share experiences about everyday challenges. Build meaningful relationships and connections to use during future journeys.

  • Be inspired

    Learn about the latest trends and developments in the industry. Be inspired by our speakers and other participants, and find new motivation, insights, and knowledge for future projects and activities.

Seize the opportunity to learn from others

Is there a better way? Build your network, make new connections, and maximize short-term and long-term gains from participating. Several projects we have been involved in have originated in PDSFORUM, where a seed has been planted, an idea has been born, or an approach has been validated.

Our ambition is to spread some joy and allow for positive business outcomes for our participants that, to some degree, can be traced to the participation of PDSFORUM.


PDSFORUM 2023 – Making product development sustainable

This year, PDSFORUM will consist of inspiring sessions within relevant areas, such as PLM, CAD, simulation, aftermarket, AR, and IoT. We will hear from PDSVISION experts, partners, customers, and inspiring external speakers.

See the full agenda and read more about the events here:

We hope to see you at the event!

Marko Hannula – Presenter PDSFORUM Finland
Elin Wegner – Presenter PDSFORUM Sweden









Some of our customer speakers

Atlas Copco Industrial Technique at PDSFORUM Sweden
Axis Communications at PDSFORUM Sweden
Electrolux Professional at PDSFORUM Sweden








MSK Group OY at PDSFORUM Finland






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