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Jovica Jovelic

Create 3D renderings, animations and interactive visuals.

KeyShot is Luxions globally known stand-alone solution designed to create 3D renderings, animations and interactive visuals. It is aimed at providing users of all abilities with unmatched ease, simplicity, and overall accessibility to a range of visual and physical enhancements.

But as with any new software or major update, financial investment is always a conscious decision and one that needs to provide returns. No matter if you are a gig economy photographer or lead concept artist in a major gaming production – Money spent on the latest and greatest is one that needs to be justified and beneficial in the long term.

Staying ahead of the field whilst maintaining overheads has always been a challenge. But now in the faster Digital world there is increasing pressure on designers to deliver concepts to market quicker and more cost effectively.

That need to justify and provide quicker and more noticeable results, combined with the its ease of access and ease of use, makes KeyShot in my opinion an accessible, flexible and affordable solution for users of all abilities.

To highlight why, here are five reason why investing or upgrading in KeyShot during 2020 will bring noticeable results before 2021 arrives. 

KeyShot is still easy and fast!

Luxion have always invested great focus on developing future concepts that deliver practical results today – whilst continuously enhancing the fundamental basics that have made it the leading platform in its field for all users.

KeyShot core foundation is to be the “go to” solution for all – Rookie to Master – This requires simplicity, and overall accessibility to a range of visual and physical enhancements. The Rookie needs ease of use and ease of learning curve. The Master needs results, yesterday – whilst still unlocking new tools that make them the masters they are.

KeyShots aim is to provide complete creative freedom, whilst delivering and maintaining a level of visual agility that allows you to explore your own designs –  at a rapid speeds.

KeyShot 9 is here!

KeyShot 9 arrived recently bringing with it a  range of new features and improvements, from a more streamlined import and improved workflow, to wider material options and faster rendering outputs.

This has increased the ability of KeyShot to deliver you more creative freedom than before.

Previous users of even the more recent KeyShot 8 will notice the difference in functionality and visual tools. KeyShot 9 also maintains the ease of use functions to ensure new users are not alienated. Upgrading in functionality is not beneficial if there is an increase in process and steps – KeyShot 9 ensures the focus is on the new tools, not the process of how to use them.


For more information on the latest updates to Luxions latest edition to the Keyshot familyClick here. 

KeyVR – Built for designers 

KeyVR is both a perfect entry tool for new users of AR within design and a competitive alternative for those already utilizing AR solutions.

KeyVR is designed to be the quickest way to view your scene in virtual reality. Purposely designed to eliminate complex setup and preparations, it allows you to quickly and smoothly transport yourself into the scene with the click of a button!

KeyVR is like its parent KeyShot,  it doesn’t require any convoluted development or programming. With one click you can experience your design, materials, environment, or animations as if they are in front of you, around you, or in your hands.

For those already using KeyVR, it is also now compatible with more headset’s than before, allowing users to choose a product that is functional and allows choice on a range of consumer considerations – Price, functionality, ergonomics for example.


KeyShot + CAD Data Integration

KeyShot has always had a reputation for being easy to integrate with other professional design solutions. KeyShot 9 is no exception and continues to support many 3D CAD software packages. KeyShot can be accessed directly from PTC Creo, Rhinoceros, SolidWorks and SketchUp via a simple plugin.

The plugin for PTC Creo for example, integrates with the ribbon UI to give access to KeyShot with the click of a button. The plugin is the fastest way to get your Creo geometry into KeyShot for the most realistic images. It also again makes KeyShot ideal for users of all abilities ensuring you can focus on your work, not how to integrate.

More Resources, support and training from PDSVISION. 

Whilst i have focused on functionality being accessible to all, at some point we all benefit from support and guidance.

That is why I am pleased to say we at PDSVISION will be extending our support for users of all abilities with more training courses & more resources. I am hosting a series of special webinars providing an overview of enhancements, functions and some tips in the months ahead.

We have also just confirmed more hands on courses are now available for those looking for accreditation and training from the experts.

For more information on our webinars – click here.

For details on training courses – click here. 

As you can see, KeyShot has many features which make it a wise investment for all abilities. But you can experience this yourself as we bring KeyShot & KeyVR at a range of live events across Europe this year, including the PDSFORUM 2020.

I hope this provides the insights you need to start producing results faster and smarter, but why not join me during our webinar if you need to know more!




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