Unlocking Manufacturing Efficiency

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Unlocking Manufacturing Efficiency – How Digital Performance Management delivers real business value

Gaining the insight to key initiatives that remove production constraints can be challenging. Data is spread across systems and bottleneck reporting is manual, late, and error-prone. Digital Performance Management, also known as DPM, with ThingWorx IIoT-platform delivers the insight you need to make digital transformation possible.

It provides real-time, closed-loop problem-solving which empowers your team with timely insights about bottlenecks, root causes, and the improvements that your initiatives actually deliver.

What value does Digital Performance Management bring?

This webinar focuses on the value DPM could deliver to a manufacturer organization, presenting on a high level the idea of lost hours identification in production and putting those back to drive more capacity (i.e. products) or lower cost (less shifts/hours to produce same number of product) in operations.

The understanding of actual hour-based OEE with dynamic real-time data via DPM and a clear view of what and how to prioritize (i.e. initiatives for improvement), would be valuable knowledge for everybody attending the webinar and in your internal discussion and next steps. 

Who is it for?

This is a high level business value driven presentation about how digital performance management could be the enabler for your company to achieve the metrics and results you target.

  • For everybody involved in production and lean initiatives and/or quality improvement projects.
  • For all that have operation responsibilities for plant/lines/machines and overall ownership of factories efficiency and productivity.


Anders Svahn, works as a Sales strategic account manager at PDSVISION. Anders has more than 25 years experience within development and manufacturing companies, around digital processes, tools and systems.

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Webinar info

Dates: 26 OCT 2023

Time: 09:00 am CET

Location: Virtual

Duration: 45 min

Language: English

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