PDSVISION for Sustainability – Additive Manufacturing with Creo

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PDSVISION for Sustainability – Additive Manufacturing with Creo

This webinar explores the intricacies of additive manufacturing, particularly focusing on lattice structures using Creo. It covers the evolution of additive manufacturing, the basics of lattice structures, and design and optimization in Creo. 

The session also delves into real-world applications, 3D printing preparations, post-processing, and future trends.

Who is it for?

  • This webinar is designed for professionals in design, manufacturing, and engineering sectors, particularly those interested in additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies. It’s also suitable for students and educators in relevant fields looking to expand their knowledge on advanced manufacturing technologies.

What value do you get from attending?

  • Attendees will gain insights into additive manufacturing with a focus on lattice structures. You will learn about designing and optimizing these structures in Creo, understand real-world applications, and acquire knowledge on preparing and post-processing for 3D printing. This webinar will enhance your understanding of current trends and future directions in additive manufacturing, equipping you with valuable skills and knowledge. Plus it will be fun. 


Michael Bourque, Technical Director of Customer Success, PDSVISION

Michael has over 35 of industry experience in Product Design Engineering, Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing, Creo Lattices, and Generative Topology Design. A former PTC executive, he is passionate about Creo and transforming the way products are made. 


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Webinar info

Dates: May 1, 2024

Time: 11:30 am ET

Location: Virtual

Duration: 45 min

Language: English

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