Wilde Analysis is now PDSVISION

Wilde Analysis is now PDSVISION UK Ltd

July 1, 2024 – Wilde Analysis and sister UK PDSVISION company have merged into one new organisation called PDSVISION UK Ltd. This strategic move brings together decades of expertise, resources and a shared commitment to digital transformation solutions, including Simulation, CAD, PLM and Systems Engineering software and services.

The merger streamlines PDSVISION’s market presence within the UK and Ireland and further unifies its software sales, support, certified training and consulting services as one integrated team of over 80 staff.

The two UK subsidiaries of PDSVISION have a similar history with strong customer relationships and technology partnerships and operate within the same industrial markets. Consequently, their respective IPs, industry-specific solutions and customer bases complement each other very well. Operating under one consolidated digital engineering brand within the UK and Ireland will better represent the global organization and its collective expertise. 

Wilde Analysis’ solutions will now be presented on the global pdsvision.com website, together with communication on rebranded social media accounts and emails with the pdsvision.com domain. 

Visit our new website: pdsvision.com

We believe we are one of the most experienced engineering simulation and risk management consultancies and value-added software resellers operating today, with global capabilities and reach through the PDSVISION group.

About Wilde Analysis

Wilde Analysis was formed in April 1980 as a company called Finite Elements Ltd by David Wilde and colleagues at the University of Swansea. Initially focused on the knowledge transfer of rapidly developing finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) research into industry, the company quickly became a leading consultancy for the rapidly growing nuclear sector within the North West of England.

During the next 40 years, Wilde Analysis grew as a value added channel partner for leading simulation software including Ansys, DEFORM and Moldex3D, together with consulting and training services. In parallel, the company developed a range of systems engineering and risk management solutions, built upon ReliaSoft and Ansys medini technologies together with the acquisition of 4-sight, a dedicated consulting organisation.

In 2021, Wilde Analysis joined PDSVISION Group to become part of an international company focused on helping clients digitally transform their engineering activities.

Today, Wilde Analysis is entering a new journey as PDSVISION UK and continues to specialize in engineering simulation and systems engineering, including safety and reliability analysis and related design and optimization technologies.

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Experience & Capabilities

  • Involved in FEA and CFD since formation in 1980 and, more recently, complementary multiphysics simulation disciplines, including discrete element, computational electromagnetics, optics and acoustics.
  • Delivery of functional safety and reliability engineering solutions for over 20 years.
  • A permanent team of 40 engineering and commercial staff, with experience in most engineering sectors, plus an additional associate team of over 25 experienced engineers for specialist requirements.
  • Quality and Environmental Management Systems certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since 1993. Information security assured to UK Government-backed Cyber Essential Plus standard.
  • Members of numerous simulation and systems engineering industry associations, including NAFEMS and SaRS.
  • Highly detailed knowledge of engineering simulation and risk management software tools, shared with customers through technology transfer, technical support and training activities.

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What happens next?

Wilde Analysis’ customers, vendors and other business contacts will continue to receive communication from PDSVISION and the pdsvision.com email domain, along with rebranded social media accounts.

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