Unlocking Value: How ALM shapes Next-Gen Vehicle Architecture

Revolutionizing Mobility: Embracing ALM Software for Next-Gen Vehicles

The automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the rise of autonomous, connected, electric, and shared vehicles. However, this shift presents challenges, particularly for traditional vehicle architectures ill-equipped for the demands of this new era. The increasing reliance on software raises concerns about cybersecurity, integration, and keeping pace with rapid technological advancements. Failure to adapt to this software-centric landscape risks safety, reliability, and reputation for automotive companies.

Why attend?

  • Gain valuable insights from industry experts
  • Discover how leading companies leverage ALM tools like Codebeamer to stay ahead of the curve
  • Learn about challenges like cybersecurity and integration in the automotive industry’s software-driven landscape


Andreas Pabinger – Global Head of Automotive ALM, PTC

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Language: English


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