Upgrade Course in PTC Mathcad

Upgrade Course in PTC Mathcad

Course Description

One day of training in PTC Mathcad Prime. This day addresses users who currently use Mathcad Prime, Mathcad 15 or older versions. We have in this day included all new and improved functionality added since Mathcad 15. We will also cover what needs to be kept in mind when upgrading to Mathcad Prime from version Mathcad 15, the conversion of older Mathcad sheets etc.

Course Content

The course topics are presented during one day and exercises based on the topics presented performed successively. Below are some topics from the course content listed.

Prerequisites: Completed course in PTC Mathcad or equivalent.

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Day 1
  • Enhancements for Editing Headers and Footers
  • Enhancements for Editing Vectors, Matrices, and Tables
  • Enhancements for Viewing Large Matrices
  • Equation Editor Enhancements
  • File Access Functions
  • Importing Data from Excel
  • Including Other Worksheets
  • Inserting Vectors, Matrices, and Tables
  • Labels
  • Literal Subscript Enhancement
  • Operators Are Combined
  • Page View and Draft View
  • Solve Block Enhancements
  • Tables
  • Text Blocks
  • Unit Enhancements
  • Convert from Mathcad 15 or older version to Mathcad Prime 3.0
  • Clear Multiple Variables Numerically or Symbolically
  • Collapsible Areas
  • New Excel Component
  • Input Matrices Can Be Resized
  • Copy a Single Region to an External Application
  • Editing Equations is Easier
  • Formatting Math
  • Global Definition Operator
  • Live Math in Text
  • New Look for Regions
  • Templates are Available
  • Debugging
  • Worksheet Grid

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