KeyShot - Workshop Training

KeyShot – Workshop Training

Course Description

Users will gain the understanding of the complete KeyShot workflow in order to build confidence in creating their own renderings.

Prerequisites: None
Audience: KeyShot users of different levels

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Day 1
  • Section 1 – Basics
    Sessions can begin at an overview level, including a guided lesson on importing models, adjusting material settings, and fine-tuning cameras & lighting to quickly generate high quality images.
  • Section 2 – Bring Your Own CAD models
    This session vill focus on your daily tasks, what you need to create fantastic renderings and animations for your products.
    We will help you to setup a scene that fits one of your products, so when you are in the office again you are ready to get started focus only on your products. Please bring your best CAD model to this course.

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