Creo Surface Modeling

Creo Surface Modeling

Training Description

In this Creo surface modeling training you will learn how to use a variety of tools to manipulate surfaces as well as tools to create a solid model. You will create surface CEs, pierce and edit surfaces and convert them into composite volumes. You will also analyze surface CEs and in addition you will create and manipulate complex shaped surfaces using blends and variable section sweeps.

Surfaces are primarily used to define complex shapes that are difficult to define using solid modeling tools. When working with surfaces, it is often useful to manipulate quilts to achieve your design intent quickly. Once the surfaces are created and manipulated, however, the creation of a solid model is typically the goal.

Explore in this Creo surface modeling training the style interface and surface features to create complex geometry. Interactively modify curves and view the subsequent changes to related surfaces in real-time. Identify downstream issues caused by surface quality and how to solve for them, including several methods for handling three-sided surfaces.

Training Location: PDSVISION training center, in-house or virtual

Languages: English, German

Audience: Product developers and design engineers

Courseware (PTC Course Kit): Delivered in a virtual PTC training environment with digital documentation at the beginning of the course.

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Day 1
Day 2

Creating Surface Features Part 1

  • Review the Modeling Framework
  • Discuss the surface modeling overview
  • Review surface selection methods
  • Curve creation including: point array, equation, composite, intersections, and trimming
  • Create extrude, revolve, and fill surfaces
  • Create sweeps and helical sweeps

 Creating Surface Features Part 2

  • Review the Surface Modeling Framework
  • Create blend surfaces
  • Create rotational blend surfaces
  • Create boundary blend surfaces
  • Create swept blend surfaces
  • Create variable section sweep surfaces
Dates Location etc. Price
5 Aug - 6 Aug
(2 Days)
Virtual Germany German
1040 EUR
13 Nov - 14 Nov
(2 Days)
Hamburg Germany German
1040 EUR

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