Geometry similarity search

ModelSearch the geometry similarity search engine

Our customer enquiries report that a new part created in development can carry a cost from 500 to 2000 Euros in its lifecycle. This is the cost generated solely by the need for approvals, storage and information management, and is not at all related to the part cost itself. Due to the above, reducing part numbers is one of the most common initiatives in the manufacturing industry. At the same time business reports also show that engineers spend an average of one minute searching for a new part before they start designing.

With ModelSearch for Creo and Windchill, PDSVISION takes on the challenge to reduce part numbers at the best time possible – right when the engineer starts creating them.

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Business values

  • Higher reuse of components
  • Reduce the number of components and parts
  • Avoid double construction work
  • Interactive similarity, geometry and hole pattern search
  • Continuous similarity search during construction using the live tool
  • Automated creation of a geometric footprint of all 3D models
  • Reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Reduction of the product follow-up costs
  • Time saving in design and production

What is ModelSearch?

With ModelSearch’s shape-based index engine the engineer receives instant feedback if there are any similar parts and can immediately avoid the creation of those. This tool works within Creo but can also be implemented as a report out of Windchill or through the PDS Search Portal for other departments.

  • Automatic generation of a geometric footprint of all 3D models
  • Interactive similarity, geometry and hole pattern search
  • Easy access throughout the company once it has been installed
  • Extremely fast response times thanks to ”in-memory computing“ technology
  • Suitability for universal use as no PLM system customizing is necessary