Ansys Speos

Design & Validation of Optical Systems

Design, Optimize and Validate Your Optical System

Ansys Speos delivers an intuitive and comprehensive user interface, enhanced productivity with use of GPUs for simulation previews and easy access to the Ansys multiphysics ecosystem.

  • Simulate Sensor Vision
  • Advanced Optical Analysis
  • Optical Design Optimization
  • Human Vision

SPEOS has been reviewed by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) against CIE 171:2006 test cases, assessing the accuracy of light modeling software and showing the performance benefits.

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Quick Specification

  • Connection with Multiphysics Simulations
  • Visibility and Legibility
  • SPEOS Live Preview
  • Custom Materials Library
  • Illuminance, Luminance and Intensity
  • Speos Lens System
  • CAD Connection
  • Ansys Cloud Integration
  • Virtual Reality
  • Robust Design Optimization for Optical Design
  • Human Vision

Latest Capabilities

Faster Operations
Visualize Your Optical Simulation
Robust Design Geometries
Expanded Sensor Simulation Capabilities

Faster Operations

Manage and explore multiple Material Libraries and add libraries easily to your project for faster simulation setup. Simulation meshing is now 20x faster and local meshing up to 100x faster compared to previous versions.

Faster Speos Operations Plot

Visualize Your Optical Simulation

Speos Live Preview provides you with a 100% true-to-life way to quickly view the same results as those produced with Speos CPU because polarization is now calculated on each impact on transparent surfaces.

Speos Visualise Optical Simulation Plot

Robust Design Geometries

With spread control on TIR Lens for optical lighting designs, you can control the maximum aperture of the beam pattern and define how light is spread from center to edge or edge to center for optical design flexibility.

Speos Robust Design Geometries

Expanded Sensor Simulation Capabilities

New dynamic lidar capabilities enable object movement during lidar scanning simulations to evaluate distortion on the raw signal. Scanning and rotating lidar sensor simulations are compatible with Speos HPC and Ansys Cloud. You can achieve more accurate simulations with the Speos lidar definition closer to real lidar.

Speos Sensor Simulation Capabilities

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