Autonomous Sensor Development

Simulation improves sensor capabilities, accelerates sensor-vehicle integration

High-Performance Sensor Design for All Conditions

Sensors are critical components that provide the information autonomous vehicles need to make intelligent and safe decisions. They must reliably deliver high performance capabilities and function in a wide range of adverse operating conditions, including rain, ice and snow. Simulation is proven to enable engineers to improve sensor performance, determine optimal vehicle integration configurations and examine their behavior across a wide range of operational scenarios. With such safety-critical systems, the most accurate, physics-based simulation tools are required.

Ansys provides a comprehensive autonomous vehicle sensor development capability that includes:

  • Radar
  • Lidar
  • Camera

Simulation dramatically improves sensor capabilities, accelerates sensor-vehicle integration and enables rapid performance analysis across a wide range of operating conditions.

Sensor Design and Integration



Radar is prevalent in safety, navigation and driver assistance systems thanks to its high precision and exceptional scalability. With Ansys’ proven electromagnetic simulation capabilities, engineers can rapidly analyze radar system performance in complex, dynamic scenarios and improve the accuracy of their response to potential hazards.

Engineers can use Ansys  to design radar systems in the 24 GHz or 77 GHz radar bands. These systems can be used for functions like autonomous cruise control, collision avoidance, cross-traffic alerts, parking assistance, blind spot detection, pedestrian detection, emergency braking, etc.

With Ansys HFSS you can:

  • Design parametric antenna arrays.
  • Analyse installed antenna performance.
  • Model radiation interaction with fascia.
  • Predict scattering.
  • Simulate driving scenarios.
  • Analyse antenna blockage.
  • Define a transmission/reflection boundary.


Ansys multiphysics solutions, including optomechanical, thermal interactions and an optical materials properties library, enable rapid emitter and receiver design and placement optimization.


Ansys multiphysics simulation solutions enable rapid camera design and placement studies using vision performance analysis and high-fidelity lens transfer functions for optomechanical optimization, placement and validation.

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