Electric Motor Design, Analysis & Verification

Ansys delivers a comprehensive motor design methodology

Electric Motors – Design, Analysis & Verification

The ANSYS motor design solution delivers robust electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical analyses, combined with power electronic circuit simulation and embedded software tools to analyze the complete motor-driven system.

Whether designing an electric motor for an electric vehicle that needs to be small, efficient and quiet, or for an industrial application where size and sound are not of major concern, it is critical to simulate electric motors early in the design process. Ansys offers a complete workflow that progresses from design sizing options to detailed electromagnetics and thermal and mechanical analyses of the motor. Coupled electromagnetic-thermal-stress-and vibro-acoustics simulation of the motor using Ansys tools results in a high-fidelity, accurate and robust design that is optimized for performance, cost and efficiency.

Ansys simulates all stages of the motor design process including:

  • Template-based design, motor sizing with rapid multiphysics analysis on full operating range
  • 2D Finite Element and 3D Finite Element Electromagnetic analysis
  • Thermal management with system cooling optimization
  • Robust design with Noise-Vibration reduction
  • System-level simulation (HiL/SiL/MiL) using high fidelity electro-thermal motor modelling

Ansys delivers a comprehensive motor design methodology that will reduce design cost and optimize size, noise, efficiency and durability.

Dedicated Design Tool for Electric Motors

  • Intuitive, template-based set up
    Comprehensive and powerful geometry templates cover a huge range of electric machine technologies, topologies and cooling systems. Ratio-based parameterization options provide unprecedented capabilities for parametric design optimization.
  • Design across the full operating range
    Quickly analyze the performance of designs over the operating envelope, including field weakening behaviour.
  • Built-in electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical solvers
    Coupled multi-physics analysis from the start of the design process and built-in control algorithms enable virtual testing considering temperature effects over transient drive cycles or at steady state.
  • Thermal sizing of the machines
    Ability to predict the thermal behavior of electric machines through a built-in 3D thermal network. 

Electromagnetic and Vibro-Acoustic Design of Electric Motors

  • Magnetic Field Solution
    The electromagnetic simulation of the motor, provided by Ansys Maxwell, determines the radial, tangential and axial forces associated with the machine’s performance.  
  • Vibration
    Simulation results from Ansys Maxwell and Ansys Mechanical provide key inputs to realize the goal of measuring auditory perception and assessing a vehicle’s NVH performance. The structural simulation incorporates these forces in the presence of the motor housing.
  • Acoustic
    The acoustic representations of radiating vibrational noise are imported into Ansys VRXPERIENCE, enabling users to hear the electric motor at varying rpms.

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