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Electric Machine Design Software

Evaluate Motor Topologies and Concepts Across the Full Operating Range

Ansys Motor-CAD enables design engineers to evaluate motor topologies and concepts across the full operating range, to produce designs that are optimised for performance, efficiency and size.

Motor-CAD software’s four integrated modules—EMag, Therm, Lab, Mech—enable multiphysics calculations to be performed quickly and iteratively, so users can get from concept to final design in less time.

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Why Use Ansys Motor-CAD?

Motor-CAD’s intuitive, template-based setup simplifies and automates the analysis process while its built-in electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical solvers offer valuable multiphysics insights into a motor design. The simulations can be completed in a matter of seconds thus allowing ample time and scope for extensive design space exploration. Ansys Motor-CAD enables engineers to produce optimized electric motor and generator designs to help meet the size, weight, energy efficiency, cost and other specifications.

For deep analysis and validation of the motor design the Motor-CAD model can be transferred to Ansys Maxwell, Ansys Icepak and Ansys Fluent. Combining these solvers with Motor-CAD delivers high-fidelity, 2D/3D analysis capability enabling users to analyze end-effects, demagnetization, core loss, hysteresis and other advanced electromagnetic phenomena, calculate the thermal envelope for operation and design complete motor cooling systems.

Electric Motor Design



Calculate torque, power, currents, efficiency, torque ripple, losses (copper, iron and eddy current), flux linkages, inductances and forces.

Drive Cycle

Rapidly create efficiency and loss maps, plot torque/speed characteristics and analyze an electric machine’s performance throughout drive cycles.

Detailed Design, Analysis and Validation

Transfer a Motor-CAD model to Ansys Maxwell, Ansys Icepak or Ansys Fluent to analyse end-effects, demagnetization, core loss, hysteresis and noise-vibration-harshness.


Optimise an electric machine’s cooling using the analytical lumped parameter thermal modelling technique, to calculate thermal resistances and capacitances.


Estimate mechanical strain, stress and displacements induced in a rotor by centrifugal forces to size it for optimal electromagnetic performance.

Motor-CAD Packages

Options for permanent magnet-based electric machines, asynchronous electric machines with an induced rotor field and synchronous electric machines without permanent magnets.

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