Vuforia Instruct – Complementing PTC’s Industrial AR solutions suite!

Vuforia Instruct Work Instruction



Vuforia, the award-winning and leading Augmented Reality reality solution-centric suite, now brings the long-awaited ability for industrial enterprises to effortlessly re-use CAD design to anchor work task-related information to the physical products. The workflow is easy without heavy manual coding, testing and troubleshooting. Advanced model calculations happen automatically in the background while authoring the procedure, and the function is used when applicable in the field through the Vuforia Vantage App.

Vuforia Instruct that saw general availability in June ’21 complements Vuforia Expert Capture being stronger, covering a broader set of use cases. Together, they form Vuforia Work Instructions, the ready-to-use solution suite to capture, author, execute, and analyze frontline work and related work instructions, allowing every worker to perform like an expert.

AR as a technology has matured and paved the way to viable and available industrial-grade solutions that provide instant and long-term business benefits!

Interested in more information, please read the blog “The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #7 – Vuforia Work Instructions”

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The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #7 – Vuforia Work Instructions

Vuforia Instruct Process

To continue discussing how relevant Augmented Reality (AR) is for the industrial enterprise, in this blog, I will focus on empowering your organization’s most valuable asset – your people with the new Vuforia Instruct. I will delve deeper into the process and the components that organizations like yours already use today when creating Work Instructions that bridge language barriers, speed up training, minimize skills gaps, and allow workers to perform with confidence and precision from the onset.

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Vuforia Instruct brings the long-awaited ability for enterprises to effortlessly re-use CAD design, without heavy manual coding and troubleshooting, to anchor work task-related information to the physical products.  This unique feature allows for visual guidance of the users to systematically perform manual frontline work like the experts during each step of the procedure execution.
Relevant digital work instructions and business-critical insight of Industrial Frontline Work

Improve information delivery, speed up knowledge transfer, modernize training methods, minimize skills gap, easy access to remote expertise, improve customer experiences, and insight into frontline- and fieldwork quality and status. These are all business process improvements linked to controlling and distributing accurate and up-to-date visual work instructions that the workers efficiently use at the front line.
Business process challenges, sharpening competition, and business disruption
Industrial companies invest in creating structured plans linked to work instructions and workflows locked away in siloed systems. Often, field workers still must rely on traditional, outdated paper documentation to execute their daily work. Managers and business owners still have to rely on their operator’s and technician’s memory and skill retention – a viable way to provide accurate and up-to-date digital work instructions to the frontline workers is lacking the business.

Status and feedback of manual work at the frontline have long shelf time and many times manually fed and copied between systems based on the memory and paper notes from the workers, traceability is completely lacking or is hard to achieve. Long shelf time and human interpretation of worker notes are error-prone and time-consuming, data is getting lost, customer requirements and expectations are hard and costly to meet!

Industrial enterprises lack business improvement capabilities that have been only a vision ever since the first AR demos were seen, like overlaying relevant digital information on the physical world.

After seeing the first AR demos, several Industrial Enterprises engaged in a “vision” journey. It is a journey of heavy hand-coding, user experiences challenges, and building IT infrastructure and applications for customized solutions consisting of various emerging and traditional technology components. Only to find themselves in an ever-ending pilot purgatory with production implementation and scalability challenges, realizing they are not a software company and need to focus back on their core business.

A few succeeded, but for many, the journey ended there. The confidence in the technology to provide the desired benefits faded, but the business challenges remain combined with increasingly tough competition and business disruptors.
Industrial grade Augmented Reality Solutions
For the past several years, AR “as a technology” has proven benefits for business process improvement. Still, heavy manual tasks and many breaches in the process make content creation difficult and inefficient. Accuracy and traceability are tough to achieve, and many heavy manual tasks break up the process – for most industrial organizations, it is not a viable way of working as automation and speed are equal to success!

Ready-to-use industrial-grade AR solutions have been lacking in the industrial market. PTC’s Vuforia is now showing the way. With its SaaS offering through Vuforia Expert Capture and the new (June 2021) Vuforia Instruct solutions. Combining Expert Capture and Instruct makes them stronger together, and this is what forms Vuforia Work Instructions. In short, capture, author, execute digital work instructions and analyze the related frontline work as it’s performed through built-in feedback data capture.

[caption id="attachment_14146" align="alignright" width="200"] Screen capture of Vuforia Vantage, displaying orange visual guide on the physical product with access to relevant easy-to-understand step level work instructions.[/caption]

Also, not forgetting the remote assistance solution Vuforia Chalk. Chalk is used for remotely solving unpredicted situations and troubleshooting in the field and at the customer site. These are situations that can not be anticipated and documented before their occurrence. Experts use Chalk to visually assist technicians and customers by drawing easy-to-understand in context “Chalk marks” that stick to the environment. All involved experience optimized time consumption and minimize traveling needs – solving the problems quickly and remotely!

AR is a built-in “ingredient” and is a powerful feature, where applicable, to visually guide the users or place the content in a comfortable, easy-to-view, and easy-to-understand location. Still, the procedure execution is never dependent on it. Not being dependent on computer vision technology in all situations makes the Vuforia industrial solutions viable and beneficial for a broader set of use cases and across the value chain. For the conditions where computer vision is practical and relevant, an impressive business impact will be a reality. It is an unprecedented means of guiding the user in working correctly and efficiently.

The information is easily accessed and displayed in the product or problem context to execute the manual work task precisely! Field reports and analytical execution data are generated and gathered efficiently by the solution for insight, quality assurance, transparency and continuous improvement of the manual work, related products, and processes.

Suppose computer vision technology is not applicable for the use case or the user, no problem. In that case, the digital work instructions are available in a supported format, and reporting during work execution is still viable!
The components of Vuforia Work Instructions
PTC has designed the Vuforia SaaS solutions with a fine balance between simplicity and functionality from the onset. The focus is easy-to-use and speed to productivity. Version history, traceability, collaboration and security are essential.
Vuforia Expert Capture – turn the worker’s knowledge into up-to-date digital and visual step-by-step Work Instructions
Vuforia Expert Capture allows for quick and easy capturing and documentation of business-critical tacit expertise and best practices. The tacit knowledge is quickly and easily captured and turned into digital and visual step-by-step work instructions ensuring business continuity. Documenting the tacit knowledge allows for worker agility and new business models like customer self-service and outsourcing of services while controlling content distribution and protecting critical IP.
The new Vuforia Instruct – Explicit, in context, visual guidance
Re-using 3D CAD design data to create visual guidance on physical assets is the core capability of Vuforia Instruct that saw general availability in June ’21. Visual live guides are highlighting points of interest on the physical assets during the procedure execution. Each step can also contain audiovisual and textual instructions, allowing the user to perform as the expert with high confidence and precision. Safety and compliance are critical and easily incorporated as an essential part of the visual work instructions.
Information distribution, compliance, user feedback, traceability, and reporting of manual fieldwork – made easy
Customized access control allows for the proper flow of information through segmentation and personalization, ensuring relevant procedures are only available internally and or externally to the right people. Protecting business-critical IP while ensuring compliance and security is easy with Vuforia. Never again leave documentation full of business-critical IP lying around on site. When the work is complete, easily remove information access when it is not needed anymore by the workers or contractors.

[caption id="attachment_14148" align="alignnone" width="600"] Screen captures of Vuforia Vantage (mobile App), delivers access-controlled work instructions to the frontline and gathers work-task and procedure-related information for reporting purposes.[/caption]

Vuforia Vantage handles optimized delivery of work instructions to the frontline. The step-by-step workflow consumed through Vantage allows for immediate feedback and reporting ensuring traceability, transparency, and continuous improvement of related products, processes, and fieldwork. Logging the procedure or work task to specific IDs that enable structured trend analysis in Vuforia Insights is straightforward.

Organizations leverage Vuforia Insights as a secure interface to analyzing procedure-level and step-level execution data.  Vuforia Insights helps organizations understand the field workforce and assets performance. Reporting happens through simple pass/fail and verify checkmarks, including possible text input at each procedure step. All of this, at your fingertips parallel to the work being performed!

[caption id="attachment_14154" align="alignnone" width="800"] Vuforia Insights helps organizations understand the field workforce and assets performance.[/caption]
Immediate, collaborative, scalable, available, and traceable
Cloud-based technology is no longer a “nice to have.” It is getting ever harder to stay competitive in a fast-moving and ever-changing business. A “true” SaaS solution promotes speed of adoption. The learning curve is steep as user experience, functionality, and simplicity are perfectly balanced, optimized, and templatized. In short, it is hard to get it wrong!

Cloud software removes support and IT costs and ensures uptime, availability, security, and compliance. Everyone always works on the same software version and can collaborate around the same content or procedure in this case. Access is immediate and independent of the hardware used. It is possible to track, manage, and access all changes to the content – by who, when it happened, and what was worked upon in a procedure over time – and since initiation.
Improve workforce efficiency and traceability
AR as a technology has matured and paved the way to viable and available industrial-grade solutions that provide instant and long-term business benefits. For traditional businesses, it can make the difference of being the disruptor or being disrupted!

The Vuforia solutions are engineered based upon actual customer needs. Vuforia is continuously improved and extended in a high phase based on commonly seen global high-value industrial use cases – and adoption means benefitting from all this immediately and long term!

The race has begun on many levels, both on the software, hardware, and adoption side. Being part of the right ecosystem with the right long- and short-term strategy will conduce to success! PDSVISION is positioned correctly, and you can also be! Read more about Vuforia Instruct

Below is a list of commonly seen high-priority Industrial use cases supported by Vuforia Work Instructions. Suppose you can identify your business challenges or digital incentives in any or several of these. Please get in touch with us, we will help you succeed with impact, speed, and scale:


Inspection Training and Upskilling
Job Specific Operator & Situational Training


Incoming Parts Inspection
In-Line or End-of-Line Inspection
Assembly & Operator Work Instructions
Maintenance, Set-up & Changeover Instructions

Customer Service

Field Maintenance Inspection
Technician Field Maintenance & Service Instructions

Customer Operations

Dealership or Pre-Delivery Inspection
Customer Self: Operation, Maintenance, and Training
Installation& Commissioning Instructions

Best regards

PTC Creo 8 – What’s New?

Creo 8

There has been an addition to the PTC family of Design Solutions, PTC Creo 8 has arrived!
When an update to a major product like this is released, we here at PDSVISION are keen to see what’s new, what’s enhanced, and what will be of most benefit to our users.

We will be honest – we get excited!  Then of course – we want to tell you! So here we are… a blog where we can tell you about some of the major improvements and enhancements to our favorite CAD tool!

Let’s start with the new capabilities coming with Creo 8. In the bigger picture, one could say that this release will concentrate on following areas:

Usability & Productivity
MBD & Detailing
Simulation & Optimization
Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing

For the advanced users we suggest PTC knowledgebase article CS337229, which covers all applications and enhancements in a condensed format.
The CAD user view

A new datum display will make it easier see and follow the intersection of the shaded datum plane and the modelled geometry.

On the other hand, should you want to stick to previous default style that is OK too.

And you can now

Detach multiple panels from the dashboard and display them all at the same time.
Take control over the visibility of the dimensions in Sketcher.
Easily set transparency display for solid bodies, quilts, and tessellated geometry.

[caption id="attachment_13521" align="alignnone" width="486"] Transparency Control in the in-graphics toolbar adjusts the transparency of bodies, quilts, and tessellated geometry.[/caption]

Design Tree

As we know, the Model Tree stores the history and the order in which the features of a model were created. In Creo 8, features such as quilts, custom groups, bodies, and more will also be gathered in a Design Tree. The Design Tree can be displayed side-by-side with the Model Tree and in that way communicate the design intent in a clearer way.



Something new in Creo 8 is that you view snapshots of your early design stages. You can display multiple snapshots and design views in parallel to study the underlying surfaces and minimize the need to move around the “Insert Here” up and down the Model Tree. This function is found in the right-mouse button menu when you click a feature in the Model Tree.

[caption id="attachment_13525" align="aligncenter" width="642"] A Snapshot in Creo 8.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_13526" align="alignright" width="380"] Hole feature in Creo 8[/caption]

Hole Features

The hole features function has gotten updates as well! Some of the new capabilities added are:

Lightweight representations for all hole types available to speed up models with many holes or hole patterns.

Support for multi-hole features, with the new sketch-based placement option, including support for reference patterns based on the multi-hole feature.

Enhanced standards support, including tapped, tapered holes and medium-fit options for metric clearance.

Enhanced thread-handling options.

Geodesic Curves

Creo 8 introduces geodesic curves to ensure that the shortest path between two points is being represented. To give you some examples; this can be useful when optimizing the layout and distribution of wiring and cabling.


The regeneration in Sheetmetal mode has improved and the system feels smarter. Furthermore, you can now create multiple walls at the same time.


When it comes to inseparable assemblies, some well sought-after functionality is introduced. These updates are especially useful for people working with purchased components in their assemblies. In Creo 8 you can now include an inseparable assembly and do the following:

Embed: Copy and embed the component into its owner assembly.
Extract: Extract the component to a new standalone model, replacing the embedded component in the assembly.
Make Inseparable: Embed the lower-level components into the selected assembly.
Make Separable: Extract the embedded components from the selected assembly.
Create Embedded: Create a new embedded component in the assembly.

Furthermore, an inseparable assembly is updates quicker when a new version of the component is sent from the supplier.

This feature comes with the standard toolset for all users.

[caption id="attachment_13528" align="aligncenter" width="412"] Image MBD supports collection methods for gathering.[/caption]


Model-Based Definition (MBD)

With Creo 8 comes some powerful MBD and detailing tools. The symbols have been modernized, and include a customizable symbol gallery, definitions, improved background commands and workflows for symbol editing and placement.

MBD now supports collection methods for gathering references, the new gallery for systems and Semantic references for symbols welding symbols.

GD&T Advisor for Assemblies

The GD&T advisor helps the user to quickly create correct, feature-centric geometrical tolerances and annotations (GD&T). In previous versions of Creo the GD&T advisor was only supporting parts but with the GD&T Advisor Plus license you can now take advantage of the same powerful interface and capabilities for assemblies as well.

Create dimensions on the fly in GD&T Advisor

[caption id="attachment_13529" align="aligncenter" width="663"] GD&T Advisor for assemblies[/caption]

Simulation and Generative Design

In Creo 8 the generative tools have become even more powerful. An automatic envelope, draft-handling, radius constraints, and more has been added. With the capability of running multiple processes at the same time, users can now work on other models while optimization and analysis in ongoing.

Enhancements to Creo Simulation Live introduces support for steady-state flow analysis by default and various improvement have been made to usability. The solver has been upgraded to Ansys 2021R1 to enable the fastest solver technology available.

Creo Ansys Simulation tools enable improved mesh and solver control, including large deformation analysis for high-fidelity design validation. Furthermore, export to Ansys Mechanical is supported.
The system admin view
Now let’s look at the hardcore, but necessary, system administration updates and changes.

Maintenance Period

The concept Creo Enterprise Releases was introduced with Creo 4, and the idea was to have much longer maintenance periods for certain releases of Creo Parametric to enable companies to implement the program without having to plan for another upgrade within the next year. The Enterprise Releases of Creo Parametric are Creo 4 and Creo 7, while Creo Parametric 5 and 6 are so called standard releases, with a shorter support plan. However, this changes with Creo Parametric 8. To better support multiple Creo releases as requested by Creo users, PTC is changing the support cadence for all new Creo releases beginning in April 2021.

Starting with the release of Creo in April 2021, all new Creo releases will be supported for a total of 4 years. For the first 2 years of Creo 8, maintenance releases will be delivered quarterly. For subsequent years, maintenance releases will be delivered at a reduced cadence.


The embedded browser in Creo Parametric has been updated with Chromium browser version 85. The default embedded browser of Creo Parametric is still Internet Explorer. However, you can change it to Chromium browser by using the configuration option windows_browser_type.


Java based (J-Link or Java Object Toolkit) customization is supported with update to Java 11. The Java update also affects Creo Product Insight connected to ThingWorx or Windchill PLM Connector, but you don’t need to install Java for the regular communication with Windchill.

Licensing and Platform Support
For a data management point of view, Creo Parametric 8 is supported with following Windchill releases:
Windchill 11.1 M020 CPS17
Windchill (Planned)
Windchill (Planned)

The PTC license server is suggested to be upgraded to  For detailed information, check out CS338183 and CS311485 in the PTC knowledgebase. The installation of license server has been separated from Creo Parametric installation. Another practical thing from system administrator standpoint is, that the license server is also available as a separate installation media.
All in all, Creo 8 appears to be another strong release from PTC. The enhancements and new capabilities in core functionality will speed up the modelling process in creation and management, thanks to the new Design Tree functions, management of inseparable assemblies, improved Sheetmetal mode… the list goes on.

In addition, the enhancements in areas like simulation, additive and subtractive manufacturing, generative design and more, are very appreciated.

The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #6 – Capture, Edit & Author

In my previous blogs, I have shown and discussed how the PTC Vuforia family of solutions is becoming the fastest and easiest way to create powerful step-by-step augmented reality (AR) instructions.

It’s simplistic ability to convey knowledge transfer easily and practically enables it to empower entire workforces with new skills, and uplift existing skills, whilst still based remotely – Saving time, money and minimising logistics.

In this blog to accompany my ongoing video series –  The Handyman & The Gentleman  – I am going to delve deeper into why in my opinion PTC Vuforia Expert Capture and SOP’s can empower further, frontline workers to get their tasks done quickly and accurately, the first time around and each time!

The continuing growth in the worker skills gap, in most organizations has an impact across a wide range of industry sectors.

Most organizations are structured in a way that equates to a fewer number of highly skilled and experienced workers, than those who are not, who often form the majority.

Even those organizations who train staff to multi-task, still need those who can absorb these skills, and pass on these abilities forward to others, equally or collectively.

Vuforia Expert Capture – Part Of The “Data Exchange Family”  
At PDSVISION for example, the introduction of Data Laws required some of the team to become experts in the subject. They then went forward to train others on how to implement this major change on how we handle personal data, across a range of divisions.

A real tangible example of how a hand full of really on-the-edge experts needing to have how their “tacit” knowledge to be documented and scaled to the whole organization – in house.

It also instigated real conversations amongst many departments on how AR, amongst other solutions we provide to our customers is also part of the “Data Exchange Family” with similar challenges and concerns felt by our own customers.

Our own need to convey skills and knowledge helps us relate to the challenges faced by our own customers operating in the Oil and Gas industry for example, who face this challenge continuously when implementing the constant changes in Health and Safety across multiple sites.

Another example related to industrial service or maintenance is when new and not experienced employees seek to ask the experienced workers, with the longest beards – work related questions –  but problems and costs start to pile up and customer satisfaction is being jeopardized when the long-bearded expert replies,

“I’ve never seen this product/model before.”

Today, we see across the globe an extremely high phase of skills development and increased product and process complexities, running parallel to the continuous evolution of customer demands for easy-to-use and easy-to-understand relevant visual information.

Nowadays, the phase of development is so high that it is impossible to stay on the skills track, without the right systems and tools.  AR is already a practical tool that as part of Health and Safety implementations – Keeping employees compliant and safe – it helps to document and protect enterprise best practices, tacit knowledge and related IP. It can be implemented across divisions to empower all at once on a broad range of subjects and user cases.
The balancing of priorities

This creates a balancing act between security, functionality, simplicity and user experience – that weighted too far in the wrong direction, can cause an organization to get lost during the its Cross-Functional Digital Transformation journey very quickly.

Now, I can re-introduce VEC to the narrative, as it provides the counter weight needed to keep these needs equal and functional at all times.

It is truly quick to get started, no installation, no configuration, no version control, it is a true SaaS solution – you are always working with the latest updated version.

VEC’s end-to-end solution for capture, edit, view allows instant publishing for use on smart phones, tablets, headsets, PC’s makes it a solution minus the huge investment in technology normally associated with “New Tech” under the surface.

The bottom line savings are applicable to all business – reduce waste and scrap, reduce downtime and increase first time fix rates (FTFR) as well as mean time to repair (MTTR) – are there to be seen in reality, with a visible and positive impact on some organizations ability to meet or surpass customer satisfaction, whilst also maintaining compliance to service levels and/or supply agreements.
Augmented Reality provides functionality
In just 2 working day’s I have seen an organization implement, roll out and use VEC functionally, and on the job – A process that traditionally needed to be organized, was time consuming and increased costs, now all reduced via one solution.

So to conclude – AR is, as I have said before, is having real beneficial impacts on a range of business functions, sectors and organizations, from an ever increasing variety of backgrounds and dispersed customer needs.

Vuforia Expert Capture is one of the reasons AR is being implemented by an increasing number of these organizations – It is practical, adoptable and provides a firm foundation to begin the AR journey, without huge financial investments and time invested before a positive impact on the business can be seen.


The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #5 – Vuforia Expert Capture – Simple, Secure and Smart

In this blog, the fifth in my series based around my Augmented Reality video series “The Handyman and The Gentleman”, I will explore how AR and solutions such Vuforia Expert Capture can help such organizations overcome a range of established, and newer obstacles faced in the era of the “The New Normal”.

Established and consistent challenges such as the common need to reduce costs whilst decreasing production time, through to the more modern challenge around the fact – We all need to visually share and collaborate – often remotely and across differing Tim zones, yet we and our customers demand we do so easily. We also demand it without huge dedicated networks and adoption, and at the same time – keeping it all secure.

In my previous blogs I have said that solutions such as Vuforia Chalk have made AR simple to understand and simple to use. Here I will continue to show that Vuforia Expert Capture is just as simple, with its enhanced abilities to visualize, annotate and be spatially aware making it suitable to a range of organizations – large and small.

We have shown that Vuforia Expert Capture can help an Industrial production and service company overcome the need to protect expert knowledge, whilst it maintains the ability to transfer that valuable knowledge internally.
Simple Knowledge Transfer
The constant concerns of skills loss via retirement for example can be overcome with the capture and visualization of that knowledge in a format that can be replayed whilst on the job itself.

The experts themselves often need to be trained on how to pass on their knowledge. Using Vuforia Expert Capture as a solution requires no huge learning curves that may deter those from recording and visualization their knowledge from doing so.

The ability to use templates and visualize for on the job use removes the conflict of less detailed information Vs focus on the task. Hands free allows the user to absorb the information in detail whilst conducting the task. This also maintains the safety of the user within environments that pose some risk.

This ability to be a method of truly simple, knowledge transfer contributes to reducing costs and downtime. Its ability to provide onsite hands free knowledge transfer reduces the likelihood of re-schedules and or extra onsite visits, saving on personal costs, time and travel.

With travel restricted or unfeasible, the need to reduce unnecessary travel has helped push remote collaboration into practical adoption – made easier by the solutions being practical and adoptable to start with. The misconceptions of huge helmets and wires have given ground to the functional AR abilities of even a standard issue smart mobile device.
Accelerated Content Creation
Getting designs to market faster is a core goal of a production company. Vuforia Expert Captures ability to provide Accelerated Content Creation makes it a key component to driving down lead times and getting to market quicker.

Authoring with Vuforia Expert Capture requires no pre-existing assets or long term development requirements. Experts are able to adapt how and what they present depending on the scenario, without the need to stop and amend documents or still images causing disruption. Utilizing easy to use Pre-built templates empowers your teams to edit on site, and to go on and create their own AR content for the long term providing a reach seam of accessible knowledge long after those that provide it have moved on.

Detailed, Location-Aware Content allows the remote user to liaise with a remote expert and be assured standard localized requirements and needs are easy to configure. Vuforia Expert Capture provides simple Multi-step, multi-location procedures regardless of location and across a range of platform.
Intellectual Property and Security
Any modern cloud based solution provides benefits, but as mentioned – also delivers concerns on intellectual property and security. The Vuforia suite of solutions is delivered within a secure SaaS environment that provides end-to-end security, users can easily collaborate, edit and share their content without large learning, adoption challenges or complex security protocols.

Its security and safe collaboration ensure that companies can maintain their SLA’s, legal liabilities and obligations whilst at the same time not needing to restrict access to those that need it as its Access control and compliance features can ensures the right procedures available to the right people.
All these beneficial features of course fall short if only utilized via one pre-determined device.
That requires investment in hardware and infrastructure to support it. That in turn leads to more costs, not less. It also limits the customers’ ability to engage.

For any AR solution to be workable as an effective benefit to knowledge transfer, it has to be scalable and have the ability to be a Cross-Device Publisher. Vuforia Expert Capture has this built into its core with its integration across a range of devices, headsets to phones a standard.

The cross platform scaling also ensures the customer can be directly involved in the experience. You can delight your customers directly by providing an enhanced service via scalable AR. Presales, design consultation, aftersales…. All can utilize AR to make the customers own experience of interacting with the services or products you provide more engaging.

These and many other benefits I have yet to feature are to me the reason these solutions such as Vuforia Expert Capture are practical to utilize today – Simple on the fly knowledge transfer and scaling of domain expertise – That to me is AR!



The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #4 – Vuforia Expert Capture

I’ve spoken recently in blogs on how AR applications (Augmented Reality) such as PTC Vuforia Chalk can provide both new and experienced workers access to real time expert knowledge whilst on the job.

The ability for a remote based expert to visually guide an inexperienced colleague or customer through a variation of tasks from simple maintenance through to health and safety, in turn increases the ability of any organization to increase customer satisfaction and reduce down time, we introduce Vuforia Expert Capture.

This “Positive Ripple” continues until it arrives at the one benefit any organizations needs to maintain to keep healthy and viable – Reducing overall costs.

The cost of Labour is one cost at the top of any organizations agenda this in turn can make it a debatable subject. So in this blog, I want to focus on the benefits AR can bring to getting the most from any organizations Human Resources Budget. I believe that AR can benefit an organization in the long term with one positive contribution – Knowledge.

The transfer and implementation of knowledge from the experienced to the unexperienced is always required to keep workers efficient and professional.
This is achieved using PTC Vuforia Expert Capture.
As an AR tool it can help transfer knowledge with the ability to take your adoption to the level of a professional publishing tool in the same practical and adoptable reality delivered by Vuforia Chalk.

In my most recent video I utilize the abilities of Expert Capture to overcome a challenge that provides a simple example of how #AR can be upscaled not just for maintenance, but a range of process’ and procedures within a growing range of organizations.

Combined with readily available technology such as the HoloLens and/or RealWear devices knowledge can be transferred and archived to be consumed by the end user via an increasing multitude of cross platform applications and hardware – via Vuforia View on HoloLens, RealWear, smartphones, tablets, and desktop or laptop computers.

Experts can record the procedures, allowing them to be hands‐free as they walk through their instructions. Especially beneficial as we have discussed before on matters of Health and Safety.  Expert Capture can benefit the requirement to provide consistent and complete compliance documentation – These same procedures recorded on Vuforia Expert Capture can be exported to Microsoft® Word documents for example.

By making it easier for the expert to provide Easier Content Creation can help an organization ensure its high‐value expertise doesn’t disappear upon retirement or job transitions. Organizations can also utilize “Access Control and Compliance” procedures rapidly and easily. For a variety of reason organizations can be required to ensure the right procedures are only available to the right people. There are many reasons a organization needs to control this knowledge.

In regards to Intellectual Property and Security, PTC Vuforia Expert Capture as part of the Vuforia Enterprise AR Suite™ – Is SOC 2 Type 1 certified can easily provide the controls relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality.
But a really simple and positive control I’d like focus on is it can ensure those learning, are not overloaded.

It can roll this sharing of knowledge in real time across various locations – At the same time. Vuforia Expert Capture can provide the user with information dynamically formatted and is capable of being delivered to hands‐free devices, whilst those who use HoloLens can enhance the experience via its  location awareness features.
In the next few blogs I will cover more on how PTC Vuforia Expert Capture can benefit your organization.
You can also read and see my previous blogs and videos on how Vuforia Chalk provides the basics needed to start utilizing AR as a real practical and adoptable solution to a range of videos.

Webinar – Live gARage
Join our expert AR team for a dedicated webinar where we will guide you through the benefits of using practical and adoptable AR-solutions such as PTC Vuforia Chalk and Vuforia Expert Capture.

Live gARage begins March 2nd 2021 – Click here for details

The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #3 – Working Hands Free

In my previous blog I explored with you how such a simple task as an onsite customer maintenance task or repair can cause unexpected problems, but in turn these problems can be resolved by using new applications such as PTC Vuforia Chalk.

The ability to empower a colleague with onsite skills as they are actually needed is already proving as we showed to be an achievable, practical, adoptable, and affordable reality.

But under more extreme, testing circumstances does the tech stand up to the task, or is the practical usage limited to a perfect, and set up scenario?

The first practical challenge is faced by us all at some time…. You need both hands.

Therefore, you need a flexible solution. One that can also keep field technicians safe and free from distraction. The impact on an individual’s safety if focused on the equipment, not the task an every day reality for many industries. The ability for your AR solution to be functional via a device that does not compromise safety is not just a practical desire or wish  – it is vital need that requires delivery from day one.

You cannot utilise such an application whilst in a confined space if the equipment to use it is cucumber some, heavy or non-uniform in size.

Even a basic, non-safety issue like where to source the power to drive the application, is not one of concern if the application can be delivered via a device that can run reliably and independently of external power.

In the past the drain on a cell phone battery may have stopped this in its tracks – but todays phones power far more consuming applications as standard – Chalk is not going to kill your phone mid task.

The uplift in the benefits AR can bring to Health and Safety are going to be cancelled out if an a Technician finds themselves having to maintain hazardous machinery or working in such environments if the equipment used to power it requires in depth configuration and monitoring.

So simply, as my previous videos in the series shows [ Available on YouTube here ], by utilising nothing more than a pocket sized mobile phone you can ensure Vuforia Chalk works in many situations and environment’s. But, the issue of working with two hands also becomes relevant – Hands free is the answer.

So simply, as my video shows – By utilising nothing more than a pocket sized mobile phone you can ensure PTC Vuforia Chalk can be used in most environment’s. Simply utilising a phones own accessories we use today, the issue of two hands also becomes obsolete – Hands free is the answer.

This is where headsets come into play.

Headsets are no longer an expensive and luxurious item with questionable durability. An ever increasing range of non-gaming headsets is creating more competition and as a result more accessible choice for the consumer.

Durability improves with every new edition, but as we show in the video – already durable enough for outdoor maintenance.

The additional headset enhances this simple application into a tool that takes care of the need to use one hand to use it, and another to carry out the tasks.

You can watch as a colleague works on an identical model in one location, and implement it directly onto yours. Not via a cucumber some laptop – via your phone and the accessories it comes equipped with as standard.

The combined with the ability  to enable experts to mark up a technician’s live view with callouts pointing to specific details, dangers, or steps to take to avoid errors and accidents makes Vuforia Chalk a practical solution to safety maintenance as well as ensuring the safety of the user.

I have not mentioned the benefits of sound as yet – But this too is an important and practical function, with a lot of focus in future development.  Audio prompts are already a workable feature and as Chalk itself is updated –  sound also will increase in user functionality.

So, not only is Vuforia a practical solution to onsite maintenance and safety, it is in itself an aid to worker safety by its ability to aid a technician without compromise, distraction or complicated set ups.

As they video shows – AR  is a practical solution in real life, and no longer just showroom concept. Vuforia Chalk has been a fundamental driver behind this change.

If you’d like to unwrap the potential of AR to help your organisation with its Digital Transformation, no need to write a wish list – contact us here. 



The Handyman and the Christmas StARs

“How can Augmented Reality come to my aid as I face my biggest challenge since joining PDSVISION?

Making the traditional Christmas “Puff Pastry Stars” for the office party!

See how my remote based team of happy helpers guide me through the night, with a little help from PTC Vuforia Chalk, until I reach the promised land of perfect Tähtitorttu’s.

Join me for a special Christmas edition of our ongoing series “The Handyman and The Gentleman” – where we light heartedly show you how Augmented Reality really is a practical solution for even this “toughest of the tough” festive challenges.

Watch below! 

If you’d like to unwrap the potential of #AR to help your organisation with its Digital Transformation, no need to write a wish list – contact us here. 

The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #2 Problem Resolution

All business’ understand the importance of getting the work done correctly and to standard the first time. The impact on customer satisfaction and profit margins from consistent ‘snagging’ is hugely detrimental in any circumstances and any business.

Frustrating for you of course – But also to the business trying to resolve your issue – It is of course non-efficient, it also results in increased labour costs, extra travelling expenses and time consumed. A situation that is not healthy when things are good, but becomes critical during lean times.

Just a simple deviation from the expectations can cause delays and quickly escalate the situation and impact.

The recent changes to travel, social distancing and home working have had a major impact on both working and home life for us all. From going out to buy food, to allowing tradesman into your home – The rules have changed for us all, and we have all had to adapt and adopt.

One area that has had a noticeable impact on us all, is the inability for services and organisations to deliver their actual service into customer environments.

Global organisations can no longer just send out the experts to solve an onsite problem, and the smaller enterprise or even self-employed tradesman have had to find new solutions to overcome restrictions to onsite tasks.

As future releases arrive, PTC´s Vuforia Chalk will support even more devices through still-frame annotations. The remote expert will this way be given the ability to capture the camera frame, make annotations and send it back to the technician/user as a visual aid. This way Chalk can be powering technicians using lower end and older devices meaning that investment in new hardware is not a necessity to start benefitting and taking a major leap towards the New Normal way of working.

Other Vuforia Chalk enhancements on the roadmap is Multi-Expert Sessions, Recordable Sessions, External Workflow & System Integration, Chalk Teams, Document Sharing, Remote Assistance with Digital Work Instructions and more.

A recent release in October 2020 included Vuforia Chalk for hands free devices, but more of this in my next Blog and Video!

So let’s upscale the scenario in the video. Lets now envisage that a universal part in all installed models, needs replacing in by the business. Considering the risk with potentially unknown configurations, condition, state and additional accessories from both trusted and unknown sources could have been installed. You can send technicians specifically to each model they specialise in which takes time to arrange and longer to complete.

Or potentially, with Vuforia Chalk, you could send them all out at once with the expert centrally based to empower all with the knowledge to complete the task knowing that they have a system handy that can connect to the right expert in order to visually assist and solve any unpredicted situation. You will also be able to send technicians to unfamiliar sites to them, which require adherence to safety.

It is also a tool for the customer – You cut back on time wasted by collaborating, connecting them directly to the experts who can guide and mentor them, whilst gaining a thorough understanding of the troubleshooting required at the same time.

Customer collaboration will also lead to further savings in the long term. By effectively showing the issues in real-time, on site visits will already be well prepared. This again can aid those unfamiliar with a site or layout, a benefit to health and safety for example.

Vuforia Chalk is a practical solution that will continue to develop, ensuring problems can be solved with local resources who may be unfamiliar to the task, but can complete it within a sensible time scale, securely and safely. It will help your business gain more customer satisfaction and trust which of course leads to continued business and contract renewal.

So regardless of whether you are an engineer, a field Technician or safety inspector – Vuforia Chalk enables you to maintain and continue to build a loyal customer base utilising state of the art customer service, delivered via simple and available technology.

Vuforia Chalk therefore to me, solves a huge element of successfully and quickly getting work completed correctly and to standard the first time of asking, and you are up and running without delay, no license management, no configuration, no version control – it is a simple and easy to use true SaaS solution!

Alternatively why not contact us to see how we can help your business? 



The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #1 – Getting Work Done

Imagine you’re a Field Technician, sent out to a customer to perform scheduled customer maintenance. Normally this would be your colleague attending, but your covering their jobs today.
But when you arrive on site, there is a problem. You specialise in one type of engine model and though you know your way around engines in general, this customer has an unfamiliar version. The problem is simple, but you are not sure how to approach it.

A common issue for many – Engineers, Safety Inspectors and Field Service Technicians.

At this stage you could call your colleague and ask them to talk you through the process, not ideal and not guaranteed to work , or you could apologise and arrange for a return visit, which leads to understandable customer frustration and possible cancellation of contract.

But what if you could simply download an Augmented Reality application on your phone that allows your colleague to empower you with his knowledge, as you actually fix the problem – in real time?

The recent changes to travel, social distancing and home working have had a major impact on both working and home life for us all. From going out to buy food, to allowing tradesman into your home – The rules have changed for us all, and we have all had to adapt and adopt.

One area that has had a noticeable impact on us all, is the inability for services and organisations to deliver their actual service into customer environments. Global organisations can no longer just send out the experts to solve an onsite problem, and the smaller enterprise or even self-employed tradesman have had to find new solutions to overcome restrictions to onsite tasks.

For any business, a team member calling in sick creates issues at any time. But at this time, and for the foreseeable future the impact on those providing an onsite specialist service has caused a serious rethink and change in the way they can deliver their service.

One solution is of course multi-skillling a team to be able to adopt and be flexible to meet a clients needs. But this is time consuming, costly and not always will these new skills be utilised – justifiable on health and safety, but for most not sustainable for routine services.

But by utilising applications such as PTC Vuforia Chalk, organisations of all sizes can be flexible to meet the short term needs of current restrictions, and save time and money in the long term. For all organisation of any size this also needs to be achievable without cutting corners and compromising safety – Vuforia does not compromise on these values. In fact, by removing the need to send a team member out on site, the positive impacts on health and safety for many remote based industries are clear.

The ability for your colleague to use Vuforia to talk you through what they can see, and in turn show you what you need to look for, change and manage by simple annotations, allows successful completion whilst also saving time and costs – all on the job.

These positive benefits can be noticed immediately, and will continue to benefit well beyond any temporary disruptions that facilitated their adoption.

Where onsite training would be more beneficial, the ability to empower numerous individuals remotely has great impact on the need and the costs associated to both travel and accommodation. Less down time to ‘stop and show’ as the ability to ‘work and empower’ reduces the need to pause.

Your colleague can train you whilst he is not far away, a safety expert can talk an engineer through a safety check whilst on the other side of the world ensuring expertise can be delivered globally and directly to customers. This enables you to continue to meet the needs of your customers and ensure their loyalty to you and the future of the mutual relationship.

Vuforia Chalk can help you achieve this, without the need to train teams or adopt large systems. This not only reduces costs and time, but also helps in the practical adoption as users of course come from different backgrounds and user abilities. Warehouse workers, medical response teams, gas engineers – all have different levels of technical abilities and expectations and Vuforia Chalk is simple yet beneficial enough to assist all equally.

It is one thing to have the technology, it is another to get teams to adapt and adopt. Adoption itself can be a scary concept as ‘what you know’ is replaced with a new way. Vuforia is simple enough to use, that all can feel equally confident in their own abilities to adapt to using it. Confidence in the technology is key, and the noticeable benefits of using it, combined with its easy interface will have teams adopting it – and using it without resistance.

So regardless of whether you are an engineer, a field Technician or safety inspector – Vuforia Chalk enables you to maintain and continue to build a loyal customer base utilising state of the art customer service, delivered via simple and available technology.

To see how easy this really is, why not watch my latest video where my colleagues guide me in real-time on how to maintain water hygiene in a Spa Bath by cleaning the filter cartridge allowing the filtration system run sufficiently, something I am not an expert on –  whilst utilising Vuforia Chalk  – Click Here.

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